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Enliven your lips with a premium range of lipcolors

Want to embellish your lips? Opt for wax and emollients enriched lipsticks, lip gloss or lip crayons to make an unfading impression. A superior quality cosmetic not just accentuates your look by providing a luxurious finesse to your lips but furnishes long-lasting enrichment and nourishment as well.

Embrace a smooth and textured finish with the lip color palette at Vanity Wagon

We offer a dramatic and stimulating potpourri of lipsticks and lip crayons from renowned brands that suit every skin type. Choose your favorite matte lipsticks, long-lasting lipsticks and glossy lip shades in vivid hues and neutrals to deliver a lush and intense color payoff.

The Frontrunners from Vanity Wagon

Nourish your lips and render profound pigmentation with bestsellers from notable brands like myglammand Ruby's Organics. Shop with us online at Vanity Wagon to enhance a makeup look with that quintessential picture perfect and healthy pout!