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Hair Serum Products

Bedeck your hair with this magic potion

A hair serum is a liquid compound formed of silicon-based content, ceramides, and amino acids. It’s a leave-on product which when applied to the scalp keeps it dry and wipes dandruff and fungal infections off. Endowed with essential oils and vitamins, a hair serum adds nourishment and protection to your tresses.

Play up your hair with shine and gloss with products at Vanity Wagon

Protect your hair from the harmful UV rays and heat with novel hair serum products offered by us from noteworthy brands. We offer moisturizing and de-frizzing hair serums that render nutrition and luster to your hair.

Chartbusting hair serums at Vanity Wagon for a smoother, silkier hair

Instantly detangle and reduce the frizz from your hair with innovative leave-on treatments from Khadi Natural and Paul Penders. Fortify your hair’s internal structure and restore its healthy feel and appearance. Shop with us today!