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Is your hair damaged? Does it crave moisture? Use a conditioner

A conditioner is a unique hair care product that helps to enhance the look, feel and manageability of your hair. Conditioners help to keep your hair sufficiently moisturised, leave aside weighing it down. It aids in making your hair highly nourished, beautiful and shiny.

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Take care of your frizzy hair and restore its natural shine and smoothness with an exciting assemblage of conditioners at our online store. We offer products from top-tier brands with ingredients of henna, sandalwood, lemongrass, green tea, shikakai etc. to name a few.

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Fulfill the varying needs of your luscious locks with our products at Vanity Wagon. They are second to none and offered by some of the leading hair care brands like Khadi Natural, Paul Penders and more. Now is there something more left to do? Explore all our options to find the perfect match for your hair.