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Evoke emotions of allure and enchantment with a fragrance

Smell is considered to be the most powerful of the five senses. A certain fragrance can entrap you within the ambit of your memories or make you cocooned in warm thoughts. A neatly created fragrance helps jazz up your persona with a whiff and whisper here and there.

Find your perfect scent soul mate with fragrances at Vanity Wagon

Cut through the olfactory clamor with our high-fashion and creative offerings. With an explosion of boozy lavender, potent jasmine, royal patchouli, and invigorating vetiver, to name a few, in jewel-toned colors, we offer products that are all play and self-definition. Our exclusive line-up of fragrances will leave you a bonafide lover of their fantasy scents.

Vouch for our avant-garde bestsellers from Vanity Wagon

We offer state-of-the-art fragrances from Biotique that are crafted with the timeless appeal of aromatic essential oils and distinctive energy. They conjure a fantastic comfort and solace for your every underlying mood. Shop with us online at Vanity Wagon for a few spritzes to prep up a fascinating, addictive, and transformative vibe!