Postpartum hair loss? Beat the concern with these 5 tips!

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With the bundle of joy and happiness, comes a few health and body concerns that will bother the new mommy a lot. One of the concerns is postpartum hair loss which is absolutely normal and temporary.

The hair during pregnancy feels better and healthier because of the oral supplements that the moms-to-be take every day and the hormonal changes that promote hair growth. The to-be-mommas usually do not shed hair during pregnancy and so the sudden hair loss seems dramatic and extreme. But one need not worry as it is not a serious concern that requires any medical attention, but of course here are 5 tips that can help you deal with the situation better.

1. Get a new hair cut 

There is no better morale-booster than a new haircut. Consider getting a haircut that makes your hair look bouncier and better. Try going for medium or short hair length as this makes the hair look fuller and healthier. 

2. Use Volumizing hair products

Though volumizing products only give an illusion of fuller hair and do not really work instantly on the density of the hair, it is a great way to deal with the postpartum hair until the products finally start showing results.

3. Eat healthy 

Make sure you eat healthy and include natural proteins and iron-rich food in your diet. Vitamins and supplements can also instantly provide the body with a boost of nourishment for healthy hair growth. 

4. Switch from chemical-based products to natural products

Chemically treating the hair is harmful and can add on to the hair fall. Switching to natural hair care products such as cleansers, conditioners, masks, and more is a great way to make sure you provide optimum and the best kind of nourishment to your hair. Natural hair products also help combat the hair loss effectively.

5. Accessorise your hair

Adorning your hair with hair scarves, hair bands and more can conceal patchy hair loss in a fancy way. You can bun up the hair or tie them in a low loose pony tail but make sure you do not pull it up tightly as it weakens the hair follicles and worsens the case.


These 5 easy-peasy tips can defeat the postpartum hair shedding and will also add heaps of self-confidence. For more, try some wholesome haircare products from upmarket brands available at!

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