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Covid-19 Essentials ?

We've Got Your Back 

Vanity Wagon stands strong and united to fight the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. We are now amid a pandemic that the whole world has never experienced before. These times will be challenging, but it is imperative that we stand united as one and take all the necessary precautions to combat the invisible enemy. Health has always been paramount to us, and we promise to serve you with Cleanest and Safest products to win over the virus. In this spirit, we have exclusively curated an edit of the essentials that are clean, non-toxic, and absolutely safe to use.

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Get your hands on these superheroes to protect you and your family during these trying times.

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Stock up on all the saviours and combat COVID19!

Vanity Wagon | Buy Rustic Art Orange Neem Hand Wash
Vanity Wagon | Buy Rustic Art Orange Neem Hand Wash
Vanity Wagon | Buy Rustic Art Orange Neem Hand Wash

Rustic Art Orange Neem Hand Wash

Stay Indoors and Practice Social Distancing

Health is the greatest wealth, and the journey to good health begins with the right lifestyle, food choices, and strengthened immunity. Eliminate toxins and chemicals out of your regime and switch to healthier and wiser choices to experience robust immunity naturally. Supplement your diet with natural proteins, herbs, vitamins, probiotics, and minerals to feed your body with all the essential nutrient value to fight bacteria, viruses causing ailments. We urge each one of you to take stringent precautions to successfully sail through the troubled waters of COVID19.