Natural Bathing Bars >>> Commercial Soaps, why?

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With all things fancy and cutesy around, we could not contain but also bring into the market the handmade, natural bathing bars. Natural soaps is a concept that is age-old with all the medieval commercialisation, the personal care market had formulations that were super-affordable, pleasant in smell and instantly effective, though harmful in the long run.

But now that we are learning what is good for our skin, here’s why you should Say YES to organic, natural soaps all the way.

Natural bathing bars are made with better and more gentle ingredients.

One of the main ingredients in the traditional bathing soaps available in drugstores is preservatives, thus the long shelf life. Handmade soaps are made with all organic and natural ingredients like aloe, glycerin, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, honey, rose, orange, sandalwood and more. These are not only moisturizing because of glycerin but also mild to the skin, which in turn reduces the chances of any redness or skin irritation.This helps the body maintain the nourishment and prevent dryness. No chemicals + Pure ingredients = great skin!

You can pick & choose the formula that suits you rather than buying what’s in the market.

Natural bathing bars come with different and varied formulations to suit every skin type while the commercialized ones come in set formulas, just varied scents. You can pick a natural bathing bar after learning about its ingredients and decide what best treats and suits your skin concerns and type. Pick one enriched with coconut oil for winters to prevent dryness and one with a citrusy ingredient for summers to stay fresh. Natural soaps are a great pick considering the mild nature and effective ingredients. Some brands even extend the facility of getting a customised natural bar made.

Natural scents > Artificial fragrances

The pleasant aroma in soaps is one of the major decision changers but it is vital to know where is your bathing bar getting it from. The commercial soaps claim to envelop the goodness of fruits and natural ingredients but the strong smell is only a result of artificial additions while natural soaps get the aroma from its raw, organic ingredients like lemon, rose, orange, neem, tea tree, sandalwood and more.

Natural bathing bars cleanse as well as treat

Organic and natural soaps are the best choice for daily use as they do not just cleanse the body but the mindful ingredients also treat it. While the emollient like glycerin maintains the moisture, the aloe may treat skin irritation, coconut oil may heal the wounds and nourish the skin, orange may brighten the skin, neem will protect your skin from infections and so on.

Handmade, natural soaps are unique and make for a great gifting option.

There’s nothing like gifting anyone a customised personal care bathing bar set with lush fragrances, pure and effective ingredients, and amazing packaging. We recommend you try The Soap Company, Auli Lifestyle, Raw Nature, Khadi Natural, Organic Harvest and Neemli Naturals. Want to browse all of them at once? Click here.

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