Must-Have scrubs for all skin types! Have you tried them?

Exfoliating is one essential activity that leaves behind awe-worthy results. The process of srubbing sloughs off the dead skin and makes the skin’s texture soft and velvety. It is a magical activity that lets one look polished instantly. But, no matter the lovely repercussions, are you sure the exfoliator you’re using delivers the best results? Finding the right skin care product is not a cakewalk, but we are here to introduce you to the best scrubs for your skin that are natural, gentle, efficacious and beauty-enhancing.

  1. Rice, camellia, sweet orange scrub by Juicy Chemistry

All that we look for in a skincare product is to smoothen and rejuvenate our skin almost instantly and this exfoliator is absolutely capable of it. Enriched with rice flour, camellia, and sweet orange, it removes the dead skin cells, purifies the skin, brightens the complexion, soothes sunburns, promotes collagen synthesis, prevents acne, fights signs of aging, and makes the skin radiant, clean and fresh like that of a baby. The formula also has the power of certain oils with anti-aging benefits which makes it perfect for everyone.

  1. Apricot sparkle invigorating skin radiance scrub by Just Herbs

Apricot sparkle invigorating skin radiance scrub by Just Herbs is specially formulated with pure expressed oil of apricot kernels to unmask the true complexion by the gentle mechanical buffing action of Persian walnut shell grains. The scrub sloughs away the dry, dead and flaky skin while stimulating cellular regeneration and allowing smoother and lively skin to surface. It also helps dissolve the sebum build-up to unclog the pores and to liven up dull skin. Smoothen the rough patches and uncover flawless skin with this 100% safe to use and natural product.

  1. Precious Brightening Face exfoliator by Lotus Organics +

Packed with the power of white peony, this precious brightening exfoliator with an ultra-refreshing formula is a must-have. It lightens and firms up the skin apart from fading away the dark spots and blemishes. The product is crafted with gentle yet effective ingredients that clarify and refine the skin apart from making it look luminous and supple.

  1. Arganic 100% organic Moroccan argan brown sugar scrub by Aryanveda

Brown sugar is known to exfoliate the skin extremely well and when added up with massage cream, this formula is sure to brighten up and nourish the skin while leaving behind a pleasant fragrance that will last long. The scrub also has argan oil that helps keep the skin hydrated and moisturised for a long time. So, try this to revitalize the skin and fight dryness, uneven skin tone, age spots, freckles, and pigmentation disorders.

  1. Advanced brightening crème scrub Radiance by Votre

This scrub by Votre is great to exfoliate, brighten and polish the skin. The formula is thoughtfully crafted to fight dullness and uneven texture. Using the product leaves the skin soft, supple, glowing and refreshed. Enriched with licorice, tomato extract, blackberry and a lot of varied natural ingredients, the scrub will gently buff and effectively rejuvenate your skin’s texture.

Excited to experience the benefits? Shop, try and love them all. Head to and order right away!


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