Men, you need Skin care too!

Men Skin care

Beauty is often perceived as a feminine term while we totally disagree and know that men need to care about their skin in order to look handsome and flawless. Though the industry is still learning the difference in feminine and masculine skin and its care, we are here to wake the men of today and tell them why and how should skin care be their concern too!

It’s not just the women who go through the tormenting environmental radicals that are harmful to the skin, but men as well. And to combat the usual skin irritation, allergies, uneven skin tone, breakouts, razor bumps, dryness, and texture issue et cetera, men certainly need to tighten their skincare game now. Want to know how you men can at least begin to take care of yourself? Here’s the guide 101.

  • Pollution and sun exposure: As much as anyone, masculine skin is affected by the harmful radicals in the very polluted city air, direct sun exposure, and indirect UV radiations. But lesser do we know that men are more prone to skin cancer than women considering that their skin hardly has any coverage with SPF. To make sure you fight against any chances of likely ill effects, you must start applying an effective moisturizer with SPF that doesn’t only protect the skin from the UV rays but also nourishes it from deep within. 

  • Regular shaves: We like you men clean shaved much, but we understand that your skin isn’t too razor-friendly. After a point, it leaves the skin irritated and rips off the protective barrier against damage. And so, it becomes even more important to regain the moisturized surface back with religious usage of a nourishing and tender after-shaving potion. We recommend all you men out there to choose Neemli’s Matcha and Aloe after-shave moisturiser.

  • Denser skin surface: Men’s skin is comparatively denser, i.e. thicker and closely compact, to women and this makes it harder for the products to work and penetrate deeper. This is why men’s skincare products need to be more potent and intense. To make sure your concerns are well treated and improved, we suggest the men out there to give organic and nature-based CTM products a try for quicker and everlasting results.

  • Higher level of sebum production: Due to the higher level of testosterone, men tend to produce more sebum, leaving them with higher chances of breakouts and clogged pores. To avoid any such skin concerns, use Mama earth’s oil control face wash 

So men, along with crunching for the 6 packs and lean sides, it’s time to take care of your skin and look good from within as well!

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