Men, try these 7 awesome brands & get ready to look dapper!

Men, buckle up and get set to look dapper naturally with healthy skin and awesome hair. Who said beauty is just for women? We suggest and ask men to take care of their skin and hair just like their counterparts and the only way to enhance their beauty is by switching to products by clean and organic brands! Here are the top 7 brands that you all will love.

  1. Arata 

Nothing beats beauty and skincare without chemicals but effective ingredients and Arata endorses the vision with its amazing products. The brand offers all-natural personal care products such as face cleansers, shower gel, hair cream and gel that aim to enhance the everyday experience. With Arata Zero Chemicals, every man can style and slay, sans the harmful chemicals.

  1. Mamaearth

Mamaearth is an all-conscious brand that caters to men, women and even kids. They offer a variety of products for men that are formulated basis the principles of Ayurveda and aim to rectify skin and hair issues from people of all ages. From the gentle cleansers and creams to beard oil, they’re sure to impress each man. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your skin and hair with some motherly love.

  1. Raw Nature

Raw Nature stands by its name and ensures that each man gets the best of nature packed in their personal care essentials. Each product by Raw Nature is made with a vision to deliver products made with the finest and effective ingredients that are safe to use and eco-friendly. Their next-generation grooming essentials go through meticulous formulation to make sure they suit the body and skin. Some of their best-selling products for men are Activated Charcoal & Quinoa Face Wash, Coffee Bean Oil Beard oil, and Macadamia oil & Cedarwood Shampoo.

  1. Khadi Natural

Khadi Natural’s products are affordable and miraculous in every way. The brand makes personal care products that are wilfully vouched for. Made with active herbal goodness and organically grown pure plant extracts, the products deliver mind-blowing results. Made to WHO, GMP and ISO standards, the products are safe for everyday use. So, boys, stack your shelves with their Neem and Aloe vera herbal cleanser, Neem and tulsi face wash, and herbal soaps.

  1. Biotique

Men’s skin is sensitive and delicate just like women. They also need the extra TLC with gentle products formulated with natural ingredients and Biotique delivers just that. It offers problem eliminating Ayurvedic formulas, that are mild yet amazingly efficient. With 100% botanical solutions, their formulas are highly effective, even for serious skin and hair concerns. From their shampoos and lotions to aftershave gel, their products are worth a try. We recommend their Bio Orange lotion and Bio wild grass aftershave gel for men.

  1. Votre

VOTRE is a cruelty-free and luxe brand that started its journey to bring effective and high-quality products to the consumers. It offers 100% botanical, vegan, cruelty-free and chemical-free products. All their products are developed using rare and effective ingredients, advanced biotechnology and patented molecules to make them safe and effective. Some of their best-selling products for men are After shave balsam and Purifying face wash.

  1. Paul Penders

Century-old, organic, cruelty-free, free of any kind of chemicals and effective, what more can a man ask from a hair and skincare brand? Paul Penders is known to be one of the best brands for men. The products offered by the brand are truly vegan, botanical and Ayurvedic. It offers amazing formulas for men with unique blends and high-quality ingredients which makes them safe for every skin type and concern. Their best-selling products that you must try are Men’s best cleanser, Men’s best toner, and the aftershave lotion.

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