Men, bid adieu to excessive oil and Revitalize your skin

men face washes

Oily skin is a concern that bothers lovely ladies as well as the handsome men. And now that the summer season is here, the situation is likely to worsen considering the scorching heat, pollution, and free radicals. Though men’s grooming isn’t as complex as female grooming, it doesn’t mean that thoughtful formulation is not important. Owing to the difference in the skin’s texture, quality and needs, men face washes and cleansers are formulated differently too. So, all you men out there, if your skin type is oily and/or you have to struggle with acne and breakouts, we have a solution that will work for you.

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Here is a list of some amazing face washes with potent ingredients that will help control that crazy oil production and pimples.

1. Raw Nature’s Activated Charcoal and Quinoa Face wash: This formula by Raw Nature is perfect for deep cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing the skin. Just while the charcoal cleanses the skin, reduces the oil production and prevents acne, the quinoa gently exfoliates the cleansed skin and revitalizes the surface. It’s a great pick if you want to get rid of the sticky shine but maintain the moisture.

2. Omorfee’s Green Apple Face wash: Nothing can be better than some packaged apple protein to treat the excessive oil on the skin. This face wash by Omorfee has volcanic ashes that draw out the impurities, detoxify the skin and deliver essential protection needed to maintain hydration and prevent pimples.

3.Mama Earth’s Refresh Oil Control Face wash: The merger of charcoal with the properties of walnut in this face wash makes the formula a pollution defender and a great cleanser. It buffs off the dead skin on the surface and calmly removes the impurities. This unique blend is absolutely toxin-free and very mild but effective.

4.Khadi Natural’s Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash for Men: Neem and tea tree are well known saviors of oily skin. While one purifies the skin and cleanses it deeply, the other prevents acne and reduces the visibility of blemishes, if any. This face wash does exactly what it claims. It is SLS and paraben free as well which means no skin irritability at all. It leaves the skin refreshed and the pH levels balanced.

5.The Nature’s Co.’s Marine Mud Face wash: Earthen clays and muds are great to draw out the excessive oil on the skin and balance the moisture, and this amazing formula is a proof of the same. Blended with marine ions, this face wash cleanses the skin efficiently and locks in the minerals required for smoothness and radiance. If you are looking for one product that can help you maintain fresh skin, prevent acne and give you a healthy glow, then this is it.

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