Master the Art of picking the right foundation shade

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We all began somewhere, making mistakes and blunders that showed in our social media pictures. Just as how hilarious it has been, the wrong foundations have also flushed our hard-earned money a lot of times. And, as we have gone past the tough days, we want to make things easier for you and hand over to you the inside master tips so that you pick the right shade of foundation for yourself every single time(especially, online).

#1 Aim for better, not whiter skin

Indian skin tone majorly has yellow undertone, irrespective of the skin tone being pale or dark. Pink and peach cast foundations make one look whitish and cakey, especially in pictures, while yellow tone bases blend better and give a naturally clear look.

#2 Try before you buy

It is very important to test your foundation if you are not sure. Swipe a line from your cheek to your jawline and see how well it blends. Make sure you choose a foundation that does not change your complexion but conceals any imperfections you want. Picking a shade lighter or darker can be a major sin for your skin.

#3 Pay attention to the formula

Foundations come in different forms, from mineral powder-based ones to cream and water-based ones. It is recommended to use a cream based foundation if your skin is dry, a water-based foundation or mousse in case your skin-type is oily.

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#4 Check the coverage level

Not everyone has the same skin concerns so the level of coverage any two people need is different. Make sure you consider your skin’s texture, marks, scars, pores et cetera before deciding whether you want light, medium or full coverage. If you do not want the hassle of touching up your face even once, go for full coverage, and if you are heading out with chances of free-time, apply a light to medium coverage foundation as they are buildable.

#5 Change with season

Our skin reacts to seasons differently and so we need to change the tone of our foundation too. You may want to use a shade lighter in winters as the skin becomes pale while it warms up by a tone in summers.

These testing tricks and decision grounds will definitely help you pick the right foundation shade that will look like your second skin, and not a product.


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