Mamas-to-be, toss out everything with these baleful ingredients

baleful ingredients

Pregnancy isn’t a task anyone can pull off easily. Just as you crack the news and share it with everyone, everyone shoots the dos & don’ts at you, leaving you all baffled and lost. Though taking care of your diet on a whole is one of the most important things, what you use topically should also be scanned as your skin absorbs 64% of whatever you slather on it. And because we want a healthy baby for you, we suggest you bin out everything formulated with the following ingredients.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most common acne-fighting ingredients that almost every over-the-counter topical ointment for acne may have. Due to major fluctuation in hormones, one may experience acne during pregnancy but you must avoid treating the breakouts with benzoyl peroxide as it is harmful to the proper growth of the fetus. This is a typical Category C ingredient which should not be used by moms-to-be. For a healthier and natural way to treat acne, switch to tea tree oil as it detoxifies and clarifies the skin.


Retinoid is another womb-threatening ingredient that mamas-to-be must keep at bay. This ingredient is found commonly in anti-acne and anti-ageing products. According to reliable studies and statistics, retinoids is known to lead to birth defects in a developing fetus. Retinoids are extremely harmful even for the women trying to conceive as the effect of retinoids remains in the bloodstream for a long time. It is advisable for everyone trying to conceive to stop the use of retinoids by all means.

If you still wish to treat the acne and defy the signs of ageing, you must switch to better and more potent ingredients such as Vitamin C, Papaya extract, essential oils, antioxidants, gold flakes, and almond extracts.


BPA is widely used in plastics, especially the ones used to package the food and beverages. The edibles and more that come in the plastics are harmful as it can disrupt the endocrine system, lead to breast cancer, heart disease or diabetes in women and it can also cause developmental issues and behavioural problems in the fetus if exposed to the same.


Formaldehyde is a chemical commonly found as preservatives in personal care products like shampoos, cosmetics, nail paints and more. This chemical is also used in making furniture and other household materials. Inhaling the chemical indirectly or topically using it has been linked to cancer, respiratory issues and more. It is also known to disrupt proper and healthy fetus development.


Found in nail paints, hair sprays, body lotion, and more personal care products, phthalate is a chemical compound that should be avoided during pregnancy. Apart from reducing the chances of conceiving, phthalates are also linked with causing premature delivery, under-weight baby, or higher chances of obesity in the infant. Avoid the chemical and switch to more naturally made personal care products.

You may not really tell what goes in the making of the product just by the look of it so make sure you thoroughly study and scan the ingredients of all the products that you are currently using to be safe & ensure a healthy fetus development.

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