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ORGANIC is not just the mantra for what you put in your body but also for what you slather, your skin and beauty products included.

Are you one of those who thinks that the 7-day beauty claims of the regular drugstore products will stand true for you? Well, it’s time to wake up ladies!

We all know very well, deep in our hearts that chemicals might, just might, give your skin an instant glow but how long will that last? More importantly, is it even worth it, or healthy in the long run? Let’s face it and learn why should we SAY NO TO CHEMICALS!

  • DANGER: Most of the beauty and personal care products are packed with chemicals like parabens, sulphates and more, that contribute to the disruption of skin’s natural oils (oils that are essential to maintaining a healthy pH level of skin), cause skin irritation, acne and other skin problems.
  • SERIOUS HEALTH CONCERNS: Chemicals that are commonly found in face cleansers, shampoos, makeup products and more do more harm than any good to our skin. When used for a long period of time, these chemicals are capable of causing biochemical changes, developmental and reproductive disorders et cetera, in some cases.

Chemically laden products deliver short lived results and everlasting concerns. Getting our hands on the reasonable and wonder-claiming skin care and beauty products is easy but the ultimate cost of them is not the moolah, in fact, the real health of your skin.

Organic, natural, nature-based and raw may be a few terms you would resonate with in today’s era because it is not just the luxury that one covets to opt for but also the need for better and sustainable living. Clean beauty being the trend of the lifestyle, ample brands have started manufacturing consciously-made skincare and beauty products for our betterment. And, it is time that we as a community stop falling into the unrealistic 7 day- beauty claim and support these brands in bringing the best to us.

To help you decide better and achieve the everlasting dewy glow, here are some amazing and organic cleansers we can vouch for.

These selected and most loved cleansers will not just kickstart your journey to ‘cleanse without chemicals’ but will also pave the way to your ‘Say no to chemicals’ journey.

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