How to shift from winter to summer skin care without any skin concerns

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The short-lived spring in India may confuse you and your dedicatedly achieved glow and to make sure you carry it on forever now, it becomes extremely important to comprehend when and how to switch from winter to a summer skincare regime. We know that change isn’t easy ever but to make it effortless for you, we have cracked the code to ‘No-hassle switching’. Read on!

Step 1: Swap the rich, creamy intense cleansers with light and water based ones. Your skin is ready to balance the pH level on its own as the cold breeze is now calm. Opt for cleansers with anti-bacterial properties as the changing weather causes most infections topically. We recommend Just Herb’s Silk Splash.

Step 2: Add facial mist or toner as your second step. Facial Mist/Toner is a very important summer product that balances your skin’s pH level, leaving it hydrated and nourished. It preps the skin for protective and nourishing layers of oncoming skincare products. Ask us? We love Neemli Natural’s Pore tightening toner.

Step 3: Buck up the SPF game. Although sunblock is an all-year-round skincare product but summers call for extra SPF power. Switch from a light sunblock to the one that’s more effective and prevents sun damage better. Our favourite is Organic Harvest’s Oil control sunscreen 

Step 4: Say hello to serums. Facial oils and all are great but some of you may not like the heaviness when it’s sunshiny outside. So apply a serum for light moisture and nutritive delivery to your skin. This will not make your skin feel heavy and greasy in the day time as well. Our all-time favourite serum is Ilana’s clarifying skin serum.

Step 5: Bid adieu to intense moisturisers and welcome light-weight, non-greasy formulas. With the sun shining bright all day, give your skin some space and let it breathe. It is time to replace the rich moisturiser with something light and caressing because excessive moisture can also give birth to skin reactions. Want guidance? Try Bhumih Ayurveda’s Push beauty cream.

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Step 6: Stick to your regular exfoliants/scrub, eye care, hydrating masks and more until they are affecting your skin’s pH level. The best way to learn whether a product is suiting you is to notice that your skin feels fresh but not porous, no unfathomable capillaries or redness shows up, and the skin is supple, not greasy or dry.

Now that you’ve the decoded the path to switch your regime without worry, get set go!

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