How Pollution affects your Skin?

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Unlike greener ancestral times, pollution is just another word rather than a far-sighted environmental situation. All of us are very well versed with the exceptionally low air quality of our cities and its ever-growing ill effects on us. 

With the fast-paced lifestyle, we often ignore taking necessary precautions and thus, our skin undergoes adverse effects. From the easily treatable texture and loss of moisture, the problems can go upto skin cancer. Due to the rising smoke and industrial and automobile emission, the air constitutes of more harmful particles than the good oxygen. Filled with fumes, smog, dust, UV rays, and particulate matter, the air is anything but safe and so are its effects. 

When our skin is exposed to such a high level of particulate matter, it receives unwanted consequences. To take relatively wiser precautions, let’s learn what and how exactly our skin is being affected.

  • Internal Damages: The free radicals and harmful aggressors in air pollution are capable of penetrating deep into our skin. They breakdown the collagen and damage the skin cells, in case of regular exposure (which is certainly inevitable). They destruct the skin cell constitution, diminish the ability of the skin to reproduce healthy cells and accelerate skin ageing. 
  • External Damages: External damages are easier for us to comprehend since they are very much visible to us on a daily basis. The pollution rips our skin off the oxygen and our skin’s surface faces issues like uneven skin tone, breakouts, clogged pores, loss of elasticity or loose wrinkled skin, and more.

None of us want to age ever and surely not before its time. and so, it is very important to keep our skin regime tight and follow it religiously. Click here to not just combat the adverse effects on our skin but also to move towards naturally glowing skin. 

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