Haircare Bestsellers of 2018/19

2018 Bestsellers Haircare

Haircare is definitely one of the major concerns in today’s times but there’s no denying that its often neglected. Our hair go through a lot be it heat, pollution, chemicals, dyes and what not! Its high time we start showing our hair some love and care by using chemical-free and natural products.

Below we are sharing some of the finest and most effective hair care products from 2018/19. Try these out for a beautiful, healthier looking mane.

1.Organic Harvest Extra Conditioning Moisturising Shampoo

This extra conditioning moisturising shampoo from Organic Harvest enhances the shine and strengthens the locks. It is a pure, clean and effective shampoo for your hair. With a unique blend of natural conditioners, mild surfactants and moisturisers, this amazing shampoo cleanses, conditions and moisturises your hair to give it a tangle-free, satin finish. This shampoo improves the scalp hydration and reduces the roughness.

2.Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel

Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Cream is a 100% Natural hair sculpting cream packed with the natural goodness of Flax Seed and Olive Extracts. It yields international salon-standard looks, without the damage caused by parabens and chemicals found in existing hair products.

3.First Water Solutions Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Natural, untouched, fresh and straight from the Malabar coast of India, this 100% edible cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil from First Water Solutions is rich in vitamin E and K and Iron. It can be used as Natural hair conditioner, skin moisturiser, makeup remover, teeth whitener, lip balm, under eye balm, massage oil or shaving balm.

4.MamaEarth No More Tangles Hair Conditioner

Frizz & Tangles can damage your hair, increase breakage and cause split-ends. This No More Tangles hair conditioner has a combination of the most efficacious natural ingredients that will nourish your hair from root to tip. It has Milk Protein to give you naturally soft and silky hair. Vitamin B5 strengthens hair follicles and helps your scalp get rid of dead skin. Cocoa butter in it moisturises the hair making them soft and shiny. It naturally stimulates hair growth while calming the nerves of the head and scalp to reduce inflammation and hair loss. Try this for frizz free and easily manageable hair.

5.Ilana Organics Conditioning Hair Mask 

This is the most awaited fix for reversing the city damage and getting back the sheen and lustre your hair deserves. This conditioning buttery blend helps retain moisture, imparts shine & seals split ends. It is the most effective treatment that we know of when it comes to taming frizzy hair. Use it as a pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment for damaged and dry hair/scalp. Massage into the scalp and on the tips for a generous amount of time. Leave it on for 20-25 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

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