Guide 101: The ultimate 5-step routine for fabulous and fuller hair

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Untamed and dry hair can definitely put anyone off. Losing the shine and health of your hair is a worrisome situation no matter whether the cause is the extreme weather, vitamin deficiency, stress, or poor lifestyle choices. It can be hard to diagnose the exact reason but with the recommended 5-step hair care routine, everyone can achieve fuller, bouncier and glossier hair over time. Can’t wait to get started? Scroll down.


Step 1: Shampoo as often as you need

There is no particular shampoo rule. While you may be under an impression that shampooing your hair everyday can damage or weaken it, passing days with dirty scalp is more likely to do that. For healthy hair growth and strong roots, it is very important to keep the scalp and hair clean and moisturized. Click here to pick a mild shampoo and use it as often as you think you should.


Step 2: Make conditioning a must-do

A conditioner is the magical creamy potion that makes the hair softer and shinier but a lot of people skip using it to save on the time while one must never do that. Using conditioner locks in the moisture and creates a protective film over the strands that helps save it from damage. A good conditioner also neutralizes the charge and keeps frizz at bay. Click here to get your gentle and nourishing bottle of conditioner.


Step 3: Mask & Repair

Making sure that the scalp isn’t covered with dirt, grime or any kind of build-up is extremely important. And moisturizing it with much-needed protein and other nutrients is another necessity to promote healthy hair growth. No matter what your hair concern may be, you must seek help from a hair mask. Cleanse, nitrify and deeply moisturize your scalp and tresses with organic and all-natural hair masks available at Vanity Wagon. Click here to invest in hair masks that will shoo away all your problems.


Step 4: Strengthen with oil

Still believing your dermat over the ‘no-oil’ rule and envying the gorgeous hair girls? Well, the secret is definitely potent hair oils. Oiling your hair weekly helps strengthen the roots and deeply nourish the scalp. Effective hair oil is capable of fighting hair problems such as hair fall, hair loss, frizz, hair thinning, dandruff, and more. Can’t agree more? Click here to find your secret formula.


Step 5: Style with protection

We know you require to look your best every day and hair styling is an unavoidable part. Make sure you use hair styling products that are formulated without chemicals and with organic ingredients only. Unlike the regular over-the-counter products, hair styling products available at Vanity Wagon are nature-based and absolutely safe to use. Click here now to explore your options.

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