Greasy hair & Oily skin? Here’s why that happens & how you can treat it!

Greasy hair & Oily skin and scalp

Summer and monsoon are two top seasons in which majority of people feel that their skin and scalp are getting oilier and sticky. Sebum, the natural oil produced by the body, is an essential substance required to retain moisture but overproduction of the same can be uncomfortable and annoying. 

There are a number of factors that could lead to excessive production of sebum from the oil glands located underneath the skin all over the body, including the scalp. The most common causes of oily skin and greasy hair are: 

1. Hormonal changes:

Sebum production in the human body is directly related to the hormone, androgens. The level of this hormone rises during puberty, leading to excessive oil production. It is also on a rise during pregnancy and around menstruation in women. Stress can also play a role in hormonal imbalance and changes, thus, indirectly affecting the production of oil. 


Genetics also play a major role in the skin type and production of oil. Some people are born with overactive oil glands and it can only be prevented with care and a set of right products. 

3.Excessive cleansing:

One may think that washing and exfoliating often will leave behind dry and normal skin while this is a myth. Over cleansing and over-exfoliating the skin and scalp, in turn, activates the oil glands even more leading to excessive sebum production than normal. 


You are what you eat and this statement holds true here as well. Consuming excess of dairy, sugar, high-carbs, food with high level of trans-fats can increase androgens in the body and that in turn leads to over activated oil glands and excessive production of sebum. 

Here’s what you can do to treat 

Oily hair: 

–    Restrict brushing/combing your hair to twice or thrice a day. 

–    Use a sulfate-free mild shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients as over-enthusiastic cleansing can lead to oilier hair.

–    Replace warm water with cold water as it rinses off the product well and shrinks the hair cuticles. 

–    Avoid using too many styling products as they lead to product build up which attracts dirt and grime leaving the scalp oilier than usual. 

Oily skin: 

–    Follow CTM only twice a day and restrict over-cleansing your skin.

–    Use a mild toner with natural ingredients to restore the moisture balance and switch from rich creams to light-weight serums or water/gel-based moisturizers. 

–    Avoid using too much cosmetics on your face and gently blot the oil every now and then to avoid discomfort. 

–    Use clay and charcoal-based face masks every third day.

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