Get ready to save your skin with Lotus Organics+

Great skin has a new address now. What can be better than products that are formulated with traditional and all-natural ingredients with the help of modern science? Get the best of both worlds and fall in love with this faithfully organic brand. Lotus Organics+ offers a range of skincare products that are exceptionally luxurious but economically priced. Shake hands with some of our favorites. 


Pristine Purifying Face Wash:

Finding a face cleanser that is sulfate-free, pH-sensitive and moisturizing used to be a tough job until Lotus Organics plus launched with an amazing formula. This face wash soothes the irritated skin apart from dissolving the excess sebum and impurities. Say hello to forever supple and clear skin with this wonderful face wash.


Precious Brightening Serum + Crème

This Serum is bottled up in drops of heaven that everyone needs to achieve the resilient and glowing skin. This precious brightening serum+ crème is a light-weight and non-greasy formula that seeps in within seconds and leaves the skin brighter and vibrant. The moisturizing properties of the serum come from White peony extracts that are also loaded with several vitamins and minerals. This product is the elixir you need to achieve the radiance. 


Eternal Comfort Hand cream: 

Smell fruity and pleasant with this eternally comfortable and light-weight hand cream that is nourishing and extremely effective. This will replenish the lost moisture and keep your palms and fingers soft. It fights the harmful drying agents and prevents dryness. Enriched with vitamins, this hand cream is perfect for ensuring optimal hydration and the extra nourishment your hands require in the colder season.


Divine Restorative Night Crème: 

A night crème can replenish and revive your skin at a much faster pace than any of the day skincare products. This restorative crème is formulated to infuse the vitamins in your skin and give it a luxurious glow from within. It repairs the damage and restores the natural barriers of the skin to give you smoother and more even-toned skin. Make this a part of your night care regimen and see the difference you’ve never seen before. 


Divine Petals Toner Mist: 

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with this 99% natural toning mist. This special formula crafted with soothing and pore tightening ingredients will restore the calmness and pH balance of the face. The extraordinary recipe of this toning mist with frangipani will re-energize the fatigued skin and slough off the dullness effectively.  


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