Shield up: This Holi

Holi safe colours natural

The happy season is here and we must get all prepped up to look colourfully gorgeous this year. Has your Holi party been planned or the get together set? We hope you’re nodding with excitement but before all the chemicals being patted on your face, we want you to shield up.

Let’s get rolling into safety and beauty! Mark these must-dos and we promise a No leftover colour look for good.

Oil your scalp and hair intensely

Every inch of your scalp needs intense moisturizing to protect and shield itself. You cannot underestimate the power of optimum nourishment and this is just what you need to balance out the dryness the colours may bring while your hair is all covered in colours. 

Moisturize your body more than needed

We are sure you do not want to torture your skin, especially when it’s dry and itchy. Lather and bathe in lotions or body butters just as much as you like because some ripping off fun is just on the way. Intense moisturizing your skin will help it counter better to any chemicals coming in contact. Coconut oil is a saviour. Slather it on your body before stepping out to have fun with colours. It will not let the colours and chemicals penetrate into your skin by filming it with the nutrients.

SPF: Save. Protect, Fight!

Though you might feel zero need, do not rule out applying your sunblock while you play Holi. You will be covered in colours but the UVA and UVB are harmful even then so apply sunblock before stepping out over your moisturiser or oil.

Leave-in conditioner, stay-out harm

Yes, you got us. We want you to make sure that you either spritz your strands with a protectant, leave-in conditioner or cover it up with some coconut oil. This will block the colours to latch onto your hair strands and harm them in any way. It will also make the after-cleansing easier and quicker than expected.


Cover up as much as you can. Wearing a pair of shorts and tee is the best you’d like but cover up with a linen jacket or tracks if you can for least colour contact.

Up-do can be your friend for today. Open hair will surely have the pictures better but the repercussions of all colour in the hair is not what you want so braid up or tie your hair in a knot for some extra protection.

Well, that’s practically the most you can do while having all the fun you want!

Happy Holi!

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