Eye Creams: A hit or A miss?

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Do you belong in the age group where taking care of your skin, efficiently, has become mandatory? If yes, then you must’ve walked through the tough decision of ‘Whether or not to include an eye creams in your regime’. 

To drag you to the poll of positivity, we have come up with supportive and proven arguments that shall fill your cart with yet another product, for good.

The efficacy of eye creams has been debated for over the years but there has not been any solid baseline that could help the devotees decide right. Truth be that there is no factual statistics showing that eye creams deliver results as claimed but there are definitely a bunch of reasons and experiences basis which we should start/continue using an eye cream. 

  • Special ingredients in eye cream fight the signs of ageing while boosting cell turnover. Some eye gels and creams are made using wonderful and result-oriented ingredients that helps the fragile and sensitive skin around the eyes to reproduce cells at a better pace, thus, delaying the signs of ageing to appear. 
  • Given the right product and application, the crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes can diminish evidently and fade away too. If you apply an eye cream infused with the correct antioxidants then you shall witness positive results and prevent any further damage due to free radicals. 
  • Skin around the eyes is very delicate and needs special care. Though we all know this fact but only a percentage of us address it well. Eye creams are very different from our face and body moisturiser (check ingredients for proof) and the regular lotions cannot provide this special area of your face the TLC it needs. 
  • Wish to check the product? Notice the bags and puffs vanishing. Though it can be hard to tell if your eye creams are working well but one ground of judgment can be to see if using the eye product is helping you get rid of the bags and puffiness. Puffiness and under eye bags are a result of fluid retention which is comparatively the easiest concern to address with regular application of the right product along with lifestyle change. We recommend using the same product for a few months and witness the puffiness reducing. If that is so, then, voila! You have your hands on a wonder potion. 
  • Consistency is a must. People who do use eye creams may often blabber about the disappointment they face when they see no result in a month or so but let’s get this straight ladies, using an eye cream FOREVER is the only way out. Just like life, consistency is the key here, too. 

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