Everything you need to know about Mascara: Your Friend Who Makes You Look More Glamorous

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Eyes are believed to be the most important features of our face; not only because they enable us to see the world around, but also because they speak even when we are silent. Yes, eyes have language. Hence, beautifying one’s eyes remains a desire for everyone, especially women who, in general, possess an inborn knack for “beauty”.

Mascara comes here as a beautifying agent to fulfill this desire. Mascara helps our eyes look brighter, deeper & more beautiful by enhancing the attributes like length and thickness of our eyelashes.

The key ingredients which are used to produce mascara are oil, pigments, waxes, polymers, and preservatives. Depending on the type of mascara, e.g. liquid, cake, powder or cream, ingredients vary in proportion.


When you hit the cosmetics department to pick your mascara, you may be amazed by the variety of mascara products that are available in the market. Here are some examples to assist you:

Lengthening mascara: As the name suggests, it helps your lashes to appear longer, so it is mainly helpful if you have short lashes.

Volumizing / Thickening mascara: It makes your lashes look fuller and thicker. This is the most commonly used variety of mascara. If you have thin, sparse lashes, this one is the perfect choice for you.

Waterproof mascara: It is mainly useful to protect your mascara against tears, rain or sweat. Because of its little or no-water formula, it is a great option to keep moisture at bay, thereby preventing your mascara from smudging. As it dries quickly on your lashes making it difficult to remove, it is advisable to use only when really needed. Also removing this one is a little tricky as you cannot remove it with ordinary makeup removers. You need to apply oil-based makeup remover to clean your lashes.

Non-Clumping mascara: Key ingredients like glycerine and silk extracts help keep this product away from creating clumps in your lashes making it a favorite option for the ladies wanting neat lashes.

Curling mascara: As the name suggests, it helps to curl your lashes and owing to its heavier consistency than that of the other kinds, this one holds the curls properly for a longer duration.

Lash Defining / All-in-one mascara: Though this one may create a heavier look, it is quite suitable for evening makeups, however, it covers almost all the benefits that the different kinds of mascara offer.


Also, there are colour options available for mascara in the market. The most common one remains black which comes in different shades to meet the exact requirement of its user. You may also opt for blue, brown, green etc. depending on your eye colour, skin tone or your personal preference. If you want to go for the Black Natural Mascara, you may opt for the handmade organic one offered by Paul Penders distributed by Vanity Wagon. Vanity Wagon is one such name which has secured its place in the hearts of its precious users with its quality products among the other top brands selling makeup products in India.

Finally, it is your personal choice which mascara you want to go with depending on the exact way you feel to define your beautiful eyes!

Last but not the least, it is important to mention that mascara is one product that gets contaminated very easily. As it comes directly in contact with eyes, caution should be taken so that eyes do not catch any infection. So, it is recommended to change your mascara once in 3 months.

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