Dull & Lifeless hair? Revive them with these 4 magical hair oils!

dull lifeless hair

Are you a hair fanatic who keeps on looking for ways to beautify, strengthen and nourish your strands and scalp with everything possible and beneficial? To cut down your efforts and let you attain fabulous hair, we have listed down 4 oils that will treat your hair woes & let you flaunt the tresses. 

Oil is one elixir that penetrates deep down the scalp, nourishes the roots, locks in the moisture, stimulates blood flow and promotes healthy hair. The art of oiling is tough to master but once known and done with the right kind of oil, it can make differences that one may have never even expected. 


Castor oil for thin & grey hair:  

Castor oil is packed with high protein content, antioxidants, antiviral and antibacterial properties that not only treat the scalp infections but also speed up the hair growth. It is also known for thickening and darkening the hair overtime. Massaging castor oil improves blood circulation around the scalp. It also helps in the retention of keratin which makes the hair softer, smoother and shinier. 


Bhringraj oil for hair loss 

Each one of us faces hair fall at some point in life. It is majorly due to adverse environmental conditions and poor lifestyle choices. Bhringraj oil is one miraculous potion that can bring back the health of your hair by promoting rapid hair growth/regrowth. It is packed with nutrients such as Iron, Vitamin E, calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium, that strengthens the hair roots and shafts, curbing the hair loss. It improves blood circulation, prevents hair greying and baldness as well. 


Coconut oil for damaged & dry hair 

Hairstyling, pollution, free radicals, chemical-cleansers and other products cause damage to the hair over time that we tend to notice later. The hair often feels lifeless, burnt and dry leaving us worried. Coconut oil is the solution to all such hair woes. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients that strengthens and repairs the hair. It adds strength to the hair and diminishes the chances of hair breakage and split ends. The high amounts of nutrients, antioxidants and medium-chain fatty acids in the oil introduces your scalp to the extreme and much-needed moisture. Use coconut oil once or twice a week for a few months to treat your dry and damaged hair. 


Jojoba Oil for weak hair & dandruff  

Hair breakage and dandruff are some common hair problems that most of us face. With inevitable styling with hot tools and pollution in the environment, the hair undergoes damage and this is tough to reverse. This is where regular massages with jojoba oil can help you. The oil is rich in vitamin E, zinc, copper, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. It prevents hair loss, strengthens and thickens the hair. It is also known to nourish the scalp and eliminate dandruff effectively. 


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