Dull & Dry Hair? Here are 5 products that can help you!

Postpartum hair loss

Given the high level of pollution, fast-paced lifestyle, stress, and dietary habits, our skin, hair, and body are bound to suffer. One such problem that most people experience is dull, damaged and dry hair.

The hair tends to lose the lustre and become weak due to a lot of reasons such as exposure to harmful chemicals, harsh UV rays, pollution, product build-up, lack of nourishment et cetera but fret not. Here are 5 amazing products that will help you regain the lustre and health of your hair.


1. Ilana Organics conditioning hair mask:  

Reverse the city damage and get back your hair’s health with this mango and argan enriched hair mask. This deep conditioning mask will lend the adequate amount of nourishment to your roots, scalp surface, and the tresses as well. Use this buttery potion once or twice a week to retain moisture and add shine to your hair. It also prevents frizzy hair and split ends which adds to the better appearance of your hair.


2. Mama Earth’s hair fall control mask  

Hair fall is another problem that a large chunk of people face. Use this hydrating and restorative hair mask that is great at repairing hair damage, revitalizing dull hair and deep conditioning the hair. This hair mask is paraben and SLS free and very gentle on the scalp and hair. Enriched with argan oil, it makes for a great product to repair damaged hair and add strength to the roots in order to curb and prevent hair fall. It is also very moisturizing and sheen-inducing.


3. Greenberry Organics 12 in 1 hair tonic:

Are you tired of hair thinning and dull hair? Well, it’s time to get back the density as well as the shine with this hair tonic with 12 essential oils including sunflower oil, almond oil, olive oil, and rosemary oil. This amazing hair tonic fights dandruff, adds thickness and shine to the hair and conditions it deeply sans any chemical. This unique blend infused with murumuru butter and jojoba oil is a sure shot formula if you want to bid adieu to dull and dry hair.


4. Mama Earth Root restore oil  

Treat your lifeless hair and add a heap of health to it with this extremely nourishing potion. Formulated with a combination of some of the most efficacious herbal oils, this therapeutic blend promotes hair growth, strengthens the roots and prevents premature greying apart from reversing the city damage and conditioning dry hair. The presence of bringraj oil in the formula gives hair a natural shine and reduces dryness to a great extent.


5. Paul Penders Intensive Hair repair therapy   

Packed with fatty acids, essential oils, plant extracts and more, this intensive hair repair therapy restores the balance and adds life to dry and damaged hair. It deeply treats the hair, strengthens the roots, conditions the tresses and leaves the hair manageable and shiny. This product is absolutely safe to be used daily to revive and repair extremely dry hair.


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