Dry Skin Defense: 5 winter essentials

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With the arrival of winter, we have to get ready for dry and patchy skin along with itchiness and chapped lips. This means that we have to start off with a completely new skincare regime leaving behind the products used during summer and monsoon season, although there are some products that can be used during winter as well.

There are certain products that are very essential during the winter season in order to protect your skin from dryness. Let’s have a look at 5 of them in detail.

  1. SPF protection- It is important to know that Ultraviolet rays from the sun are equally powerful during winter as they are in summer. They can cause severe damage to your skin. So, it is very important to apply sunscreen before going out. If you neglect it, you can face problems like skin blemishes, sunburn, wrinkles and in some cases, skin cancer. The lip balm you use during winter should also contain SPF in order to protect your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It provides the necessary care required by the lips. 
  2. Moisturizer- Winter season is pleasurable for those having oily skin. The skin goes dry due to cold weather and they don’t have to deal with it. However, one should not skip the step of moisturizing, from the skincare routine. If you don’t use a moisturizer, the skin will not be hydrated enough. This will result in the skin secreting more oils for self-lubrication and eventually, the breakout of the skin due to this. So, one must not forget to add a moisturizer to their list of skin care products for winter.
  3. Exfoliation- Exfoliation of the skin with the help of scrub should be an important part of your skin care routine during the winter season. In the months of winter, the dead and dry skin cells accumulate on your skin and it is crucial to get rid of them. But, you should be careful of not over-exfoliating as it can make your skin red and itchy. Scrubs that contain natural ingredients are more suitable for cold weather.
  4. Toner- Toners that contain alcohol can leave your skin dry in winter, but this doesn’t mean you skip using them during this season. Whether it is summer or winter, a toner is an essential part of the skincare routine. If you don’t want your skin to get damaged in the long run, use a toner that does not contain alcohol and maintains the moisture level of the skin.
  5. Night oil- It is one of the best products to be used in this cold and dry weather. The blood flow of your skin during night time is very high and it can be renewed with the help of the right products. Night oil helps in maintaining the health of the skin, it also prevents breakouts by encouraging enzymes in the body that fight the toxins. You must choose a night oil suitable to your skin type and use it during winter nights to have a healthy, glowing skin.

These are the essential products to be used in winter. Manufacturing of organic products in India is remarkable and beauty experts recommend using them during winter. So, buy these products and take care of your skin.

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  2. Divya says:

    I didn’t knew Sunscreens are important in winter as well. By the way i have used moisturizers in the winter and found it very useful. Some times natural remedies like coconut oil also shown miraculous effect on skin during winter.

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