Do you really need a Toner?

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Skincare and Beauty are the most complex on-going part of our lives that forms a personal constellation for every other person. One such part of skincare regime, that’s well debated about, is toner. 

We all have questioned whether or not our skin and shelf need a bottle of the toner but haven’t really come to a concrete decision (despite of being regular users). 

A toner is a solution added with hydrogen and oxygen molecules that cleanses the pores and smoothens the texture of the skin. But does your skin really need this extra step of skincare? Let’s find out!

Unlike earlier times, skincare brands have turned heads away from the alcohol based toners to packing the watery-elixir with hydrating nutrients and minerals. Now that we have transformed, and amazing organic formulas are floating in the market, here’s why you should give this product a try.

Do you really need a Toner

  • Toner balances your skin’s pH level: Regular cleansers strip the natural oils of the face and disturb the pH level of the skin. Infused with the goodness of tea tree, rose, chamomile, witch hazel, moringa and more, organic toners hydrate cleansed skin, restore the pH level and prepare it for the tough city life. 
  • Preps the skin and makes it receptive of the forthcoming skin nutrients: Toners are kind of a second cleansing product that leave the skin squeaky clean which furthermore lets the serums or moisturisers being applied next, penetrate deeper and better. 
  • Unclogs the pores and reduces the chances of breakouts: Toners rip off all the dirt and excess oil in the pores that the first step of cleansing couldn’t remove, thus, diminishing the chances of acne and breakouts. 
  • Toners brighten and clarify your skin’s surface: Picked and packed with the right antioxidants like Vitamin C or Vitamin A, toners are capable of brightening your skin and rectifying dull and uneven skin tone at its best. 
  • Hydrates the skin on the go: With the advent of travel-sized everything, toners also come in spray bottles which can help you boost and hydrate your skin after an exerting session of workout or any rigorous activity. 

Toner is a bonus product to bring your skin back to life post rough cleansing and exfoliation or otherwise. Make sure you invest in toners that are made with ingredients that are not only hydrating but also target your skin concerns for additional benefits. Happy Toning, ladies!

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