Cons of combination skin & how to deal with them!

Just like phases of life, your skin could be a combination too. We all have different skin concerns but worries of someone with a combination skin type are far more complex and tough to treat considering the analysis is often baffling in the first place.

Do you notice that some part of your skin is oily and greasy while some is peeling due to dryness? Well, then you’re bound to think that you have combination skin but it is vital that your skin shows at least 3 clear signs stated below. Read ON the troubles of combination skin, analyse & learn how to deal with them!

  1. Your T-zone stays greasy all year long, irrespective of the weather.

If your T-zone (comprising the temple of your head, the bridge of your nose, the cupid’s bow and chin) stays comparatively oilier at all times despite using mattifying products and drying face washes then you may have a combination skin type.

To treat the unwanted greasy situation, you can try St. D’vence’s Multani Mitti lotion on your face or your T-zone as suitable. The lotion is enriched with purifying clay and moisturizing properties that help regulate the excessive sebum production and nourish the skin.

  1. Your pores are visibly bigger around the nose than on your cheeks.

Combination skin can be worrisome as the different scales of sebum in a particular area can bring a noticeable difference in the size of the pores. If you notice enlarged pores around your nose often, then this may be a sign of a combination skin type.

You can treat enlarged pores and the skin type with a soothing and pore-minimizing toner. We recommend Votre’s advanced pore-minimizing toner that actively treats the issue and restores a healthy moisture balance.

  1. You experience breakouts & dryness, both at the same time.

Breakouts are a common sign of excessive sebum while dryness occurs due to under-nourishment. If you witness these extremities almost at the same time then that is a clear sign of combination skin type.

Treat the same with two different face masks. Lather Mamaearth’s C3 mask for the oily T-zone and Ilana Organics’ Reviving moisture mask for the dry part of the face. This dual masking trick will help you achieve a similar skin type and solve your troubles too. You should pick the right spot treatment and always focus on just the problem area.

  1. You suffer from dandruff.

The combination nature is not restricted to just face but people with the same also face dry patches on their scalp. If you suffer from the flaky and dry scalp often then it might be an indicator that you’ve got a combination skin type.

If you wish to treat dandruff well forever, we recommend you start using Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Hair Mask and Soultree’s Anti Dandruff shampoo with aloe and cleansing lemon peel. The combination of mask and shampoo will alleviate dry patches on the scalp and help keep it nourished as well.

  1. Finding skincare products is extremely difficult for you.

Pointing the right product for your skin type is anyway a tough nut to crack and for people with combination skin, it gets even more difficult considering pole apart situations on the same skin ground. Nothing seems to suit the entire face equally and most products lead to adverse results.

To make sure you try, choose and use all things effective and beneficial, we recommend you switch to natural and organic products as these formulas are enriched with gentle yet potent ingredients that are safe to use and would not show any negative effects.

Some of the products that we suggest you try are: Auli Lifestyle’s Magic Potion, Neemli Naturals’ Elixir, Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Pack, Just Herbs’ Silkskin, and Juicy Chemistry’s Saffron, rose & Australian Sandalwood face Scrub. For more, visit!


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