Concealer Myths: Busted!

Concealer is a girl’s best friend. Want to hide the dark circles or the zit marks? Have you got any discoloration or uneven patches? It helps blur all the imperfections that we have but there are several concealer myths that you must stop believing right now and make sure you up your concealing game.

#1 Your concealer should be lighter than your skin tone

Ladies, throw this myth away now! Buying a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone is only going to draw more attention to the flaws you wish to cover. The purpose of the concealer is to even out certain areas of the skin and if you put on a lighter concealer, you will seem all ashy, cakey and discolored. So choose one that is close to your natural skin tone.

#2 Choose the thickest formula for a longer stay

Your face base has to have a light-weight and buildable consistency. Applying a thick layer of concealer/foundation will only create layers and it also makes blending a tough task. So, choose a formula that is thicker than your foundation but not too creamy or too harsh to blend.

#3 Conceal first, cover later!

Absolutely NOT! You should always apply your foundation first so that the requirement for concealing reduces. Foundation will create an even canvas for you and you won’t have to go overboard with the concealer. Reverse your application and see the difference.

#4 Conceal OR Correct

A lot of people choose to either correct or conceal while you need to do both. Correcting helps minimize the usage of concealer. It also evens out the complexion easily and well. So, pick out the right flaw corrector before concealing.

Once you fix these small concealer mistakes you’ve been making, your makeup game will change at once for good. For natural and effective concealers and makeup products, visit now!

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