Common Skin Disorders caused by cosmetics

skin disorders

Each one of us is well versed about the number of chemicals the bottles and jars of our everyday cosmetics have but we still do not stray away from them. Have you ever wondered how severe and harmful the disorders caused by use of these cosmetics can be? Let’s not negate the situation and learn about all the evil chemicals that can harm us. Here are some of the skin disorders that everyone must know about:

1. Irritant contact Dermatitis

Irritant contact dermatitis is the most common skin disorder that regular use of cosmetics can cause. This includes facial rashes, redness, and itchiness. If the application of a particular cosmetic or product gives a burning, tingling feeling or leads to itchiness or peeling in patches, then you should immediately discontinue using the product.

Some of the most common cosmetics or personal care products that can cause contact dermatitis are toners, facial massage creams, heavy foundations, and alcohol-based makeup fixers.

2. Allergic contact dermatitis

Another kind of dermatitis is the one that is usually represented by the appearance of a rash alone. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused due to repeated exposure to the incriminating substances present in fragrances, preservatives in cosmetics, chemical-based sunscreens and more.

Some other symptoms that one may experience due to cosmetic allergies are itchiness, deep redness, swelling, and even blistering on the affected skin. Allergic contact dermatitis is a result of reaction from a particular ingredient rather than a whole product. It can be prevented by statistically studying the ingredients and finding a common substance which may be causing the problem.

3. Photo allergic dermatitis

Photo allergic dermatitis is a skin disorder that is caused when the skin is exposed to a particular combination of ingredients and sunlight together. Sunscreens are most capable of causing this kind of dermatitis as the sun-blocking agents in the products and sunlight together form to be an allergic combination. To save yourself from photo allergic dermatitis, switch to natural sunscreens packed with natural zinc oxide, Vitamin C and like.

Not just sunscreens, photo allergic dermatitis can also be caused due to similar allergic substances found in foundations, powder-based formulas, rich highlighting creams and concealers.

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4. Cosmetic Acne

Cosmetic acne is the most common skin disorder which a large chunk of cosmetic users’ experience. It is caused post using formulas with allergic substances and underlying pores clogged with foundation, compact powders, and other heavy formulas. These harsh cosmetics can cause whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. To prevent cosmetic acne, you should avoid using makeup products. 


All these skin disorders are caused due to the harsh chemical elements in cosmetics and personal care products. The only way to prevent yourself from any kind of skin disorder is by using green and clean cosmetics. Steer clear from any chemical-based makeup products and make sure your skin is protected from even slight damage.

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