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Auli Lifestyle The Power of C Serum, The Ultimate AM to PM Serum

Rs. 1,299.00

All Skin Types


It protects your skin from sun damage, especially from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. In addition to its Anti-Ageing benefits, Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant; so it naturally helps to strengthen your skin and repel things that could damage it. It also has a brightening and hydrating effect. Also, this serum is extremely nourishing to the skin due to its hyaluronic content in the formulation.


Apply 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops at night after washing your face. It can also be used as a primer/base for your make up.


-TAKES CARE OF YOUR SKIN: With the natural goodness of Hyaluronic Acid, this small container is your best friend to take care of your skin. This serum hydrates and refreshes your skin takes care of problems like fine lines while also healing damaged skin.

-NATURAL HYDRATING AGENT: This serum is infused with glycerine and distilled water, which in turn hydrates your skin, while making sure that your skin keeps glowing, no matter what. Hyaluronic acid traps moisture and keeps your skin nourished 24x7. It also helps your skin breathe by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere.

-DOUBLES UP AS A MAKEUP BASE/PRIMER: With the enriching goodness of the ingredients, it also doubles up as a regular primer/base for makeup as this serum enriches your skin while making sure you look your best.

-PURE AND CHEMICAL FREE: It is purely Ayurvedic and organic with zero synthetics, no parabens or sulfates and is absolutely free of harsh chemicals.


Vitamin C (5%) + Hyaluronic Acid (95% liquid form) + Vitamin E + Glycerine + Distilled Water