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Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil, Enhanced Treatment for Hair Fall

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Sandook Vatajata hair oil brings out the youthful, attractive look in you with the help of unique first of its kind formulation derived from Banyan Aerial root extract.

First, create partitions in your hair, take some Sandook Vatajata oil in your palm and gently apply generously over hair.  Ensure to reach the scalp of your hair with the oil and run your fingers through your hair as you do so. Apply the oil every day at night and wash off the next day.

Reduces hair fall and increases hair density, giving you a richer, younger-looking hair.
Nourishes Hair scalp providing strength to hair roots for longer-term.
Reduces hair-splitting.
A mild lasting woody fragrance for that fresh feeling boosting confidence.
It helps reduce accumulated stress hence improving sleep.
Free from harmful chemical additives & mineral oil.
100 % ayurvedic with no side effects.

Vatajata, Jatamansi, Kapur, Beheda Beej, Jaswandphool, Sunthi churna, Sugandhit dravyas