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GET 15% OFF* Use Code: SAVE15

Organic Riot Dazzle, Face Serum for Anti Pigmentation with Kiwi & Licorice extract

Rs. 1,300.00

An anti-Pigmentation potion for dewy, even skin.

Active Ingredients and its use:
Kiwi extract and Licorice extract to help clear up pigmentation

Use Dazzle™ as a night cream to soothe your skin at the end of every day.
Dazzle™ looks great under make-up.
Use your daily sunblock and night serums/ oils over Dazzle™.
If you have extremely dry skin you can use a moisturizer over Dazzle™.

Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, PETA® approved Cruelty-Free and Vegan, Made-Safe® Non-Toxic Certified, 100% Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free, Ethanol-free, Australian Allergy Certified®, Australian Certified Toxic-Free®, Free from Pesticide Residues, pH Balanced.

After cleansing, apply a layer all over your face, focusing on areas with Hyper-Pigmentation. Gently massage until the product soaks in. For best results, apply day and night. When first opened, press the pump 10-12 times to dispense the product.

Water, (Natural Certified) Cetearyl Glucoside, (Natural Certified) Sorbitan Olivate, (Organic) Kiwi seed oil, (Organic) Kokum Butter, (Organic) Vegetable Glycerin, (Natural Certified) Avocado Oil, (Organic) Jojoba Oil, (Natural Certified) Licorice Extract, Moringa Oil, (Natural Certified) Dehydroxanthan Gum, (Natural Certified) Dehydroacetic Acid,  (Natural Certified) Benzyl Alcohol, Natural Fragrance, (Organic) Raspberry seed oil, Tomato seed oil, (Food Grade) Potassium Sorbate.