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Top 5 Cruelty-free beauty brands in India

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The world is becoming wiser and better with brilliant options and great selection, and beauty is a part of it too. A great shift from blindly choosing the beauty products, consumers are hooting for petting, not testing. As per the demand of the consumers and awakened and passionate crafters, cruelty-free beauty has taken a fair […]

The Ideal Guide to Cruelty-free Makeup

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People have started becoming conscious about the cruelty-free cosmetics that are currently present in the market. They are more inclined towards spending money on those products, which have not been tested on animals. According to a research that has been conducted, almost hundred and fifteen million animals are used every year for various experiments, and […]



Habits are often not chosen but formed, but who wants dull and damaged skin or hair at any given cost? Beauty isn’t just the art of concealing or looking flawless but the improvement from within.  To wake you and burst the ‘I do the best for my skin’ bubble, we bring you a list of […]

Indulge in the best of Vanity Wagon- 2018 Bestsellers

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As we enter a new year, lets pledge to start afresh and switch to a cleaner, healthier skincare routine, by using products that our non-toxic, natural and cruelty-free. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and definitely deserves some love and care. So we need to be careful about what we put on […]

Bridal Beauty Checklist: 5 Must-Haves for every Bride

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In India, a typical wedding ceremony includes many functions and rituals from Haldi, Mehendi to reception and various religious rituals after marriage. So, the bride needs to look perfect not only on her wedding day but also on all these functions before and after marriage. So, apart from taking care of your skin with necessary […]

Pucker up with these 5 Natural and Organic Lip Balms

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Is this cold weather taking a toll on your lips? Time to get softer lips, the natural way! There’s no denying that lips are the most underrated part of our body. They need external oils to protect themselves and that’s where lip balms come in. To prevent your lips from drying and getting chapped, its […]

Why you Need a Beauty Detox

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People are well aware of the toxic ingredients in beauty and skin care products however, thanks to advertisements and the human desire to look beautiful, we still buy cosmetics to look younger and attractive. Other than cosmetics, the increasing levels of procrastination and heavy fast food intake are leading to many health problems which shows […]