Bridal Beauty Checklist: 5 Must-Haves for every Bride

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In India, a typical wedding ceremony includes many functions and rituals from Haldi, Mehendi to reception and various religious rituals after marriage. So, the bride needs to look perfect not only on her wedding day but also on all these functions before and after marriage. So, apart from taking care of your skin with necessary skin care products, you have to make a precise list of beauty essentials. However, it is important for you to conduct a good analysis to decide what the requirements of your skin are and what will make it look flawless always.

So, here is a list of 5 must-have products for every bride that will help you select the products as per your needs and choices.

  1. Foundation- A foundation of any reliable brand must be included in your bridal makeup list. However, choosing a foundation exactly matching to your complexion is not an easy task. You need to do some serious research and test the various shades against your skin tone. There are many options available in the market from various brands. There are full coverage foundations, the regular ones and weightless mousses available in different shades. You can make a choice as per your skin type. You can take the help of beauty experts to know what will suit your skin the best and make you look flawless.
  2. Blush- No bride wishes to look pale in any of the functions whether before or after marriage. If you also wish the same, invest your money in good quality blush. For a bride, pinkish shade with a touch of peach color will do the magic. It will make your face glow. However, don’t go for a blunt pink shade. It will make your face appear plastic. It is important to look beautiful but it is equally important to look natural. So, make your choice keeping this in mind.
  3. Compact powder- There are times before and after wedding ceremonies, where you don’t want to put on heavy makeup but still want to look graceful and appealing. Here, the compact powder can come to your rescue. By simply applying the powder on the face, you can get the perfectly enhanced look within no time. However, don’t over apply the powder as it will spoil your entire look!  
  4. Lip Colour- Your wedding makeup box cannot be complete without lip color because no makeup looks complete without it. Here, the choice of color depends on you. You have picked up lip shades that match with your outfits and suit you the best. Experts recommend shades of pink for a bride. Pink always gets an edge over red as it goes well with everything. Still, you can choose the color that you like the most.
  5. Eyeliner- Every girl loves her eyeliner, so how can you forget to add it to your bridal makeup kit. Eyeliner is your savior when it comes to hiding the puffiness and fatigue of your eyes, after the sleepless nights before marriage and exhaustion of performing all the rituals. Thus, you must include a waterproof eyeliner in your kit.

These are the beauty essentials you must have in your bridal makeup kit. Apart from these, you can add primer, concealer, highlighter, eye-shadow palettes, mascara, and several other things. A moisturizer and a makeup remover of a reputed brand should also be a part of it. Also, it is suggested to stick to the organic products in India, in order to avoid any side effects. So, follow these tips and get ready to be a gorgeous bride.

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