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What is J-Beauty?

We were just getting the hang of K-Beauty and what it does and now there is a great deal of talk about J-Beauty! While Korean Beauty requires a lot of our time, and with a busy lifestyle, we are seldom able to commit and stick to the 12-step skincare routine; that is where J-beauty or Japanese Beauty comes into picture! But what is J-Beauty? As you might have figured it up till now, J-Beauty stands for Japanese Beauty. It focuses more on the prevention of skin concerns rather than providing their after-treatment so that you have a healthy skin ingrained beforehand.

The J-Beauty regime originated with Geishas in Japan, the class of female Japanese performing artists and entertainers trained in traditional Japanese performing arts who painted their faces white. It became necessary for them to take care of their skin more than ever. Their traditional knowledge of how they ministered to their skin and what products they used, has been passed down to the generations in the form of J-Beauty.

The J-Beauty skincare routine is a 4 step regimen, out of which two are for cleansing the skin and the other two for moisturizing, namely Double Cleanse and Double Moisturize respectively. With two steps to cleanse and two steps to moisturize, this ancient Japanese ritual of skincare leaves your skin supple and hydrated at its most. Let us see in detail what steps one has to follow in J-Beauty.

1. Double Cleanse

  • Oil-based Cleanser
  • Start off with gently massaging your skin with an oil-based cleanser which removes even the smallest traces of makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum and dirt and grime present on the surface of your skin. It is a perfect way to even hydrate your face while cleansing and is not harsh on your skin.

  • Foam-based Cleanser
  • The next step would be to use a foam based cleanser or a face wash or a face wash powder which further cleans, lifts and removes the impurities and residual from deep within the skin.

    2. Double Moisturize

  • Liquid Lotion
  • A liquid face lotion with water-like consistency is the first step in providing the skin with hydration and moisture. Its thin layer penetrates deep into the skin and preps the skin for the last step of this skincare regimen.

  • Moisturizer
  • The last step would be to rehydrate your skin with a proper, nutrient-rich moisturizer that plumps up your skin while locking in the moisture. And that’s all!

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