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We Asked The Women of Vanity Wagon - “HOW BEAUTY EMPOWERS YOU”?

Women around the world deserve to be celebrated every day – for their resilience, strength, and courage. International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe on 8th March that symbolizes women’s rights, and the fight for gender equality and honours the achievements of women. It’s been a long journey advocating gender equality, inclusivity, and demand to bridge the gender pay gap in workplaces. Every time a woman breaks the glass ceiling – Be it Kamala Harris sworn as Vice President of the United States or Draupadi Murmu swore as President of India, there is a wave of hail and praise. But, what about the women around us and the ones we meet every day?

As a clean beauty brand, Vanity Wagon empowers beauty in all forms and sees it as a way for a woman to feel confident and beautiful. We strongly believe every woman has their own definition of beauty that helps them feel good and empowered. This Women’s Day, we asked the Women of  Vanity Wagon – “HOW DOES BEAUTY OR MAKEUP MAKE YOU FEEL EMPOWERED”? Let’s know what they have to say about it. 

Beauty is different for every woman and how each one perceives it. No matter what, women across the globe find beauty empowering as it helps them step up their game and face the world in confidence. As we celebrate the women of Vanity Wagon, we want to remind every woman out there to embrace her beauty and let it be empowering. 

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