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Transition from Winter to Spring Skincare Like a Boss!

After the long winter nights of snow and frigid temperatures, we can finally smell spring in the air. So, the winter has left the building, taking away dry, itchy skin and chapped lips. And, while we’ve spent the entire chilly season slathering our skin with serums, oils, and moisturizers, the warmer air, and increased humidity might give our skin a shock. Here’s how you can prep your skin for the warm days ahead and flaunt that glowing skin in the bright summer sun.

Tip 1

Make a Switch

Swapping your heavy-duty moisturizer for something lighter is the key. Pick hyaluronic-acid or water-based formula when the mercury rises - a light-weight, hydrating moisturizer won’t leave any greasy residue on your skin and will soak in all the essentials.

During the summer season, your skin maintains a lower body temperature and produces natural oils to keep skin moisturized naturally. Oily emollients could block the pores and result in acne. Hence, avoid it.

Tip 2

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

Gear up for the right summer glow with exfoliation. This step will effectively help in sloughing away the dead skin and unblock pores with a gentle scrub. Summer sun quickly damages delicate skin and regular exfoliating will ensure that your skin remains healthy and glowing. An exfoliator with glycolic acid will do the trick for you on sunny days.

Tip 3

Listen To Your Skin

Address your skin’s needs. Listen to your skin and treat it the way it wants you to. If you are experiencing acne, then add skincare that is acne-specific. Thus, adjust textures and formulations accordingly to help you achieve your skin goals.

Tip 4

Don’t Skimp On Sunscreen

SPF should be your go-to thing. Make at least SPF 50 your BFF and combat those harsh UVA and UVB sun rays to protect your skin from damage. Whether you are in-home or out to run your errands, don’t forget to slather your skin with this superhero.

Tip 5

Hydration Is The Key

It is one of the most important tips that your skin cannot afford to ignore. Drinking lots of water can help your skin feel replenished, rejuvenated, and plump as you like it.  A hydrated body can effectively lock in all the moisture that your skin requires and flushes out all the toxins to make your skin nothing less than glowing.

Last but not the least, wash your makeup brushes regularly and trash away all the beauties that are older than 12 months. It can affect your skin texture and can cause bacteria build-up and acne. So, a change in season calls for a cleanup session in your vanity too.

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