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Top Anti-Aging Products Every Woman Should Use

What is it about turning 25 that makes us invest even more in skincare products? Certainly, there’s the obsessive poring over spots and microscopic lines that you’ve never seen before, however, is it all in the mind or can you really see your skin starting to change? According to the experts, the first sign of sun damage generally shows up in your early 30s as your skin’s barrier begins to weaken, leaving it with brown spots, crow’s feet, and dull skin. But, always remember that those changes are a reflection of your past behavior.

Taking prompt and early action will definitely help you with healthy skin. An effective and consistent skincare regime followed in your 20s helps you with the skin of your dreams and delays the aging process. It is all about developing a habit to carry through and here we bring you all the products you need to add to your skincare regime to age like fine wine.

Gentle Cleanser

A gentle face cleanser will help cleanse the skin without stripping off the natural oils. So, thumbs up for that one.

VW Recommends: SKÖG Birch Sap Facial Cleanser

SKÖG Birch Sap Facial Cleanser is a tender facial cleanser for daily use. It effectively removes light makeup, pollution, and impurities leaving the skin feeling fresh and soft. This cleanser also deeply cleanses the pores preventing acne.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is packed with antioxidants for an added layer of sun protection. It's nice to wear Vitamin C serum underneath the sunscreen to fight the free radical damage, and also to help with collagen production.

VW Recommends: Soulflower Herbal Vitamin C Power Serum

This rich moisturizing serum delivers an instant boost of radiance, addresses uneven skin tone, and fights the signs of aging. It is power-packed with potent ingredients to neutralize damage from free radicals, improve skin firmness, and banish dark spots. This powerful serum supports a radiant youthful luminosity while delivering antioxidant defense against environmental stressors.


This one is non-negotiable. Pick an SPF 30 or higher to fight the adverse effects of grueling sun rays. Don’t forget to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

VW Recommends: Re'equil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen Gel with SPF 50 PA++++

Re'equil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen Gel is formulated to provide the highest UVA protection with PA++++. It protects the skin from UVB, UVA, and IR (Infra-Red) radiation. A waterproof and gel-based sunscreen that allows the sunscreen to stay for long even when exposed to humid conditions. It gives a velvety dry touch light feel without any white-cast.


Retinol is one thing that will help reverse the signs of aging and help build collagen. Pick a mild, over-the-counter retinol product that is non- irritating, and start using it once or twice a week at night.

VW Recommends: Love Earth Retinol Serum

This retinol serum will take you on a healthier path to getting luminous and youthful skin. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, improves uneven skin tone, and reignites a feeling of firmness and radiance.

Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest skin and one of the first spots to show your age. Starting an eye cream early develops a good habit, and even if you’re not treating a visible wrinkle, it hydrates the skin to plump it.

VW Recommends: Anour Caffeine Under-Eye Cream

Coffee Bean under eye cream is a lightweight and refreshing gel formulation enriched with Caffeine, known for its repairing, nourishing, and energizing benefits, and Arbutin for removing pigmentation. It is a perfect mix of everything you would need to diminish dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles. It has anti-aging properties & protects the delicate eye area.

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sharon - September 8, 2021

Informative and love the re’equil matte sunscreen.

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