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The Most Trending Ingredient of 2023

Since the beginning of time, skincare solutions have been known to be outlandish yet somehow, super effective! It is almost like the more surprising the ingredient is, the more effective it will be. One such ingredient used widely in skincare formulations is the very eminent: Snail Mucin. With K-beauty taking over the skincare industry, snail mucin has come out to be that one thing that people have been really fawning over; and for all the obvious reasons!

What exactly is Snail Mucin?

It's basically the excretion from a snail, which is why it's also known and appears on ingredient labels as snail secretion filtrate, or SSF. There has been some altercation over the internet about this very widely used ingredient as to, if or not it comes under the umbrella of “cruelty-free”. Snail mucin was traditionally harvested by dunking them in water pots containing salt, vinegar, or other chemicals to make them excrete mucin. Fortunately, there have been significant changes made to how snail mucin is harvested. Today, there are numerous "cruelty-free" techniques for growing snails and extracting their slime. In fact, research demonstrates that maintaining a healthy environment for snails by breeders will improve the quality of the mucin itself. As a result, breeders control the diet, housing, and slime collection of their own snails. This aids in certifying the cruelty-free status of products containing snail mucin.

Clearing the air about this ingredient being absolute, clean, safe, and sustainable, the skincare industry has also seen a major spike in the demand for products infused with snail mucin. The snail mucin industry is currently estimated to be around $4 billion and is only getting bigger & better. So to get you on with this, here is a comprehensive list of all the benefits that this magical ingredient has to offer. 

1. Improves Collagen Production

A study found that snail secretions can stimulate the production of collagen. This is great for your skin, as collagen is the protein that helps your skin remain strong and supple. Collagen also maintains your skin’s elasticity and heals injuries.

2. Hydrates The Skin

A sign of healthy skin is well-hydrated skin! Your skin may no longer be able to maintain optimal hydration for a variety of reasons. Age, excessive exfoliation, hormonal imbalance, etc. could all play a role. Dehydrated skin can rapidly lose water, known as transepidermal water loss, which is a problem (TEWL). Snail mucin contains certain chemicals known as glycosaminoglycans and hence has the capability to block this (GAGs). They are a great source of moisture because their molecules draw water and aid in moisturizing and plumping the skin as a result.

3. Increases Skin Cell Turnover

A small amount of glycolic acid was discovered in snail mucin after a component analysis. As it dissolves dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new skin, glycolic acid is a fantastic component in cell turnover. To put it simply, it could aid in mild exfoliation, leaving your skin smoother and free of dead cells.

4. Reduces Pigmentation

Melanin overproduction in some areas of the skin is the primary cause of pigmentation. Melanin is a type of pigment that shields the skin from the sun's damaging UV rays. The depth of the skin color increases with the amount of melanin in the skin. Researchers discovered that the anti-melanogenic properties of snail mucin prevent the production of melanin. As a result, it might aid in lessening the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This, along with its capacity to boost cell turnover, could make it a very powerful tool for the job.

5. Reduces Scarring

Your skin scars because there isn't enough collagen to repair the damaged area. Less collagen causes the skin to rebuild with gaps, leaving pit-like scars. The skin may over-form due to an excess of collagen, resulting in a raised bump of skin over the injured area.

Your skin's capacity for regeneration may be aided by snail mucin. It was discovered that it expedites and even enhances wound healing. So if you have a wound, its chemicals will aid in the efficient formation of the bonds in your skin and help quickly heal and reduce scarring. 

6. Anti-Aging Properties

Your skin's capacity to produce collagen and other nutrients that keep it hydrated and looking supple decreases as you age. This makes it simpler for damage to happen and for wrinkles to appear. In a study using a cream containing 80% snail mucin, it was discovered that after 4 weeks, users had noticed a sizable improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, skin elasticity, dermal density, and skin tightening. Snail mucin extract may also aid in preventing early wrinkles brought on by dry skin because of its capacity to hydrate skin.

Since snail mucin extract comes in a variety of formulations, the key to using it effectively lies in which part of your routine you add it to. Vanity Wagon has something for every part of your routine 

  • Essence

VW Recommends- CGG Cosmetics 70% Snail Mucin Essence with 0.7% Cellulose

Made with pure snail secretion, this amazing lightweight essence will help repair your skin and improve its elasticity. This goes deep into your skin to keep it nourished and hydrated all day long. Made with only natural ingredients, this is safe for all skin types. 

  • Serum

VW Recommends- Earth Rhythm Renew Overnight Gel for Sensitive Skin

Enriched with snail extracts and hyaluronic acid, this gel has the best of both worlds. It is super hydrating and helps aid rejuvenate your skin barrier. Its antioxidant properties keeps your skin looking fresh, plump and pigment free. 

  • Cream

VW Recommends-  COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream

This cream is going to be your next love. It nourishes the skin with collagen to improve elasticity and cell regeneration for radiant skin. It also helps prevent breakouts and soothes acne, inflammation & redness. 

  • Masks

VW Recommends- Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

Free from all things toxins, this mask is a must have for your mind weekend rendezvous. Relax while this mask does all the work of enriching your skin with essential vitamins and moisture. It also helps in improving skin elasticity and reduces inflammation. 

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