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The Best Natural & Organic Body Care Products | Vanity Wagon

The Best Natural & Organic Body Care Products

Between our intense day & night care routine, we often forget our body care routine or simply ignore the fact that the rest of our body also requires if not more, equal attention. Your skin’s functioning itself is restorative and healing but a little extra care and love will do no harm. Additionally to that, when you truly invest in your skincare routine (which is not limited to your face) a sense of relaxation and satisfaction follows. To help you achieve that, we bring you the best range of body care products that cater to all skincare needs. 

Kaefie Beauty Lavender & Chamomile Bathing Salt

It fosters a tranquil and sensual atmosphere. Real lavender leaves and flower petals, and chamomile, calms and comforts the body and induces a state of Zen. Dead sea salt, on the other hand, works wonders for moisturizing dry skin by removing old skin cells and promoting the regeneration of new ones. This amazing blend of all-natural ingredients helps alleviate aches, exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes sleep due to its calming properties. 

Detoxie Calming & Anti-Fatigue Body Massage Oil

A light, nourishing body oil that leaves skin feeling smooth & silky with the look of a gentle, diffused glow. This all-natural oil is made by combining a variety of aromatic, calming, and rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs and is the ideal partner to relieve you of all your urban weariness and tension, whether you use it as part of your weekly massage or everyday pre-bath ritual. This concoction of natural ingredients helps reduce stress and anxiety in the body. The ayurvedic blend also helps in reducing blemishes on the skin.

The Switch Fix Bean Coffee Body Scrub

Clean in all its aspects, this Coffee Body Scrub has repurposed coffee and cinnamon which cleans dead skin, grime, and pollutants off your body. It exfoliates skin to get rid of dead skin and not only does this cleansing body scrub leave you with smoother skin but apricot oil found in this water-saving blend goes on to provide your skin with nourishment. Just take a small scoop, add a little water and slather it all over your body for it to work its magic. 

Plum BodyLovin’ Drivin' Me Cherry Shower Gel

Free from sulfate and other toxins, this Shower Gel is that blast of freshness you need every morning. With its sweet sweet smell and moisturizing power, you will not get enough of this. Enriched with fruit extracts this shower gel will be on your skin all day and you won't complain because of how soft and supple it’ll transform your skin into. 

The Skin Story Cactus Restorative Body Butter

This replenishing body butter restores all moisture levels lost and gives skin a youthful, firm appearance. It softens skin and provides it with vitamins and antioxidants because it is enriched with cactus and cocoa butter. Cactus Restorative Body Butter is a non-greasy, creamy texture that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. 

Dori Living Body Moisturiser, Rain

It doesn't get much richer than this opulent body moisturizer, which coats the skin in long-lasting moisture. Infused with shea butter to replenish and keep your skin's natural hydration, this moisturizer will help in revitalizing skin's health and give an organic glow by the Vitamin E produced from healthy, organic materials. This moisturizer is lightweight and easily absorbs deep into your skin. 

Minimalist SPF 30 Body Lotion with Vitamin E, Gylcerin & Green Tea Extract

Sunscreen is an important aspect of our daily skincare routine and in today’s time you need a sunscreen that protects you from blue light as well. This SPF enriched body lotion is the way to go because of the combination of very effective UV-filters that provides protection from UVA & UVB rays. Boosted with Green Tea Extract it has strong antioxidant properties and reverses damage caused by UV rays.Glycerin and Vitamin E  moisturizes and nourishes your skin. 

Raw Beauty Wellness Free Spirit Prebiotic Gel Deodorant

With the sweet perky essence of Rose Geranium, Vanilla & LemonFree, Spirit is a gel-based deodorant that does not leave any white cast on the skin or stain your clothes while using it. Its all natural fragrance is a treat to all your senses and the presence of all clean ingredients makes it safe for all skin types. Just take a pump and rub it on your underarms for a day of odor free and fresh feeling. 

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