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Skincare Regime for Dry Skin

First things first it’s important to understand your skin type in order to select and use the right products. Using the right products and following a skincare regime for dry skin diligently, will give you effective results and work the best for your skin. The wrong products will do more harm than good. Let us look at the signs of dry skin first:

-Feeling of skin tightness, especially after showering. 

-Skin that feels and looks rough

-Flaking, scaling or peeling

-Fine lines or cracks

A rather major reason for dry skin, apart from genetics, can be dehydration. When your body lacks water content, it shows on your skin. The dehydrated skin further makes it look dull and dry. Whereas, properly hydrated skin looks smooth, nourished, and radiant. Many factors like dry climate, pollution, sun exposure and excessive washing of the face can strip your skin of its natural protective layer.  All natural products are undoubtedly a better alternative for nourishing the dry skin as the toxins and fragrances present in other products tend to leave your skin drier and could trigger skin irritation. There are hundreds of products available in the market which can leave you confused. But we are here to your rescue! Follow these steps to choose the best products for your dry skin.

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate

Double cleansing and using exfoliants once a week  to get rid of the dead skin  is important and helps the moisturizers to sink in your skin faster and more effectively.

VW recommends Earth Rhythm Restore Cream Cleanser with 6 Essential Ceramides & Hyaluronic Acid

This gentle exfoliating cleanser is very soothing and refreshing. It helps repair and protects your skin barrier without stripping your skin off of its natural oils. Its super hydrating formula keeps your skin soft and supple after every wash. 

2. Tone

Toning is necessary for soothing and reducing the redness, irritation and to hydrate dry skin. 

VW recommends SNP prep Peptaronic Toner

The SNP PREP Peptaronic skin care line provides total care with 5 types of Hyaluronic Acids and 6 Peptide complex.This moisturizing toner is designed to quickly absorb, even into rough and dry skin to create a moisture barrier for flawless looking skin. It maintains oil and moisture balance to keep your skin radiant and clear.

3. Moisturise

Moisturising is the most important step to hydrate your skin and keep it nourished. Apply moisturizer just after bathing or showering as your skin lacks moisture at that time the most. Below is the best moisturizer for dry skin that you can get your hands on!

VW recommends The Formularx Barrier Plus Peptide Ceramide Moisturizer

This moisturizer has everything you need to make your dry skin boost with moisture. It is infused with peptides that support the skin’s natural protein and works on keeping it plump, soft, and smooth. It is made with a non-greasy formula so that it absorbs in a wink and keeps your skin hydrated all day long. 

4. Sunscreen

Even though it might seem to you like you don’t need sunscreen, trust us, you do, and you do it everyday, twice a day! The sun exposure can make your skin more dull and dry, hence, never skip this step in your skincare regime.

VW recommends Mellow Ozone Sun Tan Lotion SPF 20+ with Sunflower & Carrot Seed Oil

This sunscreen is packed with all the goodness of vitamins your dry skin is screaming for. Enriched with SPF25, this sunscreen has carrot seed oil and aloe vera infused within to feed your skin all the healthy and hydrating ingredients it lacks. It protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and also improves pigmentation.

5. Body lotion

Keeping your body nourished and hydrated is as important as your face… as it is your whole skin of the body which is dry , and not just the skin of the face.

VW recommends Nourish Mantra Mystic Indian Rose Body Lotion


The lotion is infused with Rose Water, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. All these ingredients are perfect for hydrating dry skin and leaves a dewy velvet finish.


A Word of Advice

  1. A big no to extreme hot showers as they strip off the natural oils from your skin. 
  2. Avoid products that contain alcohol as they can make your skin drier.
  3. Avoid using harsh peels and facemasks. 
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