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Sensitive skin? Here are the products and tips you need!

Sensitive skin is extremely hard to treat and with even a slight moment of irritation, it gets flared up with redness. Situations such as sun exposure, intense workout etc. can lead to even worse. Are you too seeking some relief from such discomfort? Here’s what can help you. 

 1. Juicy Chemistry Organic Toning Mist

Sourced directly from artisanal communities, this refreshing and hydrating mist brings you the most therapeutic experience in your skin care routine.This refreshing toner is also an effective cleanser and aids in removing dirt, makeup and excess oil from clogged pores. It forms a protective layer on the skin and helps retain moisture without locking in the pollutants.

  2. Ohria Ayurveda Neem and Tulsi Hydrating Gel

An extremely light, cooling gel hydrates & soothes inflammation and sunburn with Neem, Tulsi and Mint extracts. Beneficial for sensitive and acne prone skin. 

3Life and Pursuits Daily Moisturizing Lotion

This Daily Moisturizing Lotion rapidly hydrates skin and safeguards against dryness. Enriched with certified organic oils & medicinal Ayurveda herbs and goodness of Aloe Vera gel, shea butter & glycerine, it gently moisturizes the skin, leaves skin silky smooth and replenishes moisture and essential nutrients. It’s exclusive formulation nourishes, soothes and softens skin without leaving any greasy after-effect. 

 4. Ilana Organics Reviving Moisture Mask

Sensitive skin cannot be treated with just any product but only gentle and natural ones. Make this fruit-based face mask your go-to product to settle down redness and restore hydration. This face mask by Ilana Organics is efficacious and unveils super dewy and rejuvenated skin in just 5 minutes. 


Tips & Tricks to prevent redness: 

- Stay hydrated (Water keeps the body cool and prevents the rising of body temperature which in turn controls redness)

- Don’t use harsh towels to wipe the skin. 

- Use a cooling gel-based moisture before stepping out to keep pollutants and irritants at bay.

- Wash your face ASAP after it being exposed to sweat or pollution. 

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