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Redefining Holistic Beauty This Woman’s Day

Beauty standards and how it is perceived in the 21st century are ever-evolving. Society has pressurized women since time immemorial to conform to unrealistic standards and fit into its archaic type. Women nowadays are championing change and adopting beauty as a holistic well-being. From considering a fair-skinned and slim woman as an epitome of beauty to voicing for inclusivity, body positivity & unapologetically accepting one’s raw and authentic self, it’s quite the journey womanhood has cherished and celebrated. 

This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate womanhood beyond unrealistic beauty standards. The definition of beauty is different for every woman – for some make-up makes them feel their best self, for some, it might be the comfort of being real, for some inner beauty is more significant while for others living a life of contentment is a feeling beautiful. No matter what, the standards for “most beautiful women” is changing. 

GenZ is Voicing For A Change 

Millennials were still adapting to the change but GenZ cuts no slack while breathing and reminding the need for inclusive beauty. Women are often pressurized to look a certain way, match beauty standards, and dress up to their body types – but things are changing, it's changing fast. GenZ no longer conforms to what people say. 

The younger generation looks up to holistic beauty as a channel to feel good and confident. A prominent example is experimenting with hair colors. Ditching just the regular, woman are now coloring their hair pink, green, blue, red, and other vibrant colors as a means of self-expression. 

 “Coloring my hair boosted my confidence and had been an indispensable part of my life. I was sure many felt the same way, only being held back due to the societal pressure to look a certain way.” – Yushika Jolly, Founder, Paradyes. 

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Changing Attitude Towards Aging

Age is just a number – Just an overused statement finally is seeing the light of day. The quest for eternal youthfulness is a paradox when we are all mortal beings. The endless desire to look young has thrown women into the loop of invasive surgery, injectables, facelifts, and whatnot, yet making them feel less young. 

Aging is natural but a holistic approach to beauty in a positive way is changing how aging is perceived. Women are now encouraged to focus on wholesome well-being to feel good. Women are embracing aging positivity while maintaining good skincare instead of invasive surgeries or fillers. Just wholesome skincare, healthy eating, regular workout, and a good lifestyle are what women are approaching. Natural techniques like face yoga with rollers are what a lot of women prefer over lifting the sagging skin with injections. 

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Projection Of Reality On Social Media

Social media is a parallel virtual universe where almost everything looks perfect, rosy, and dreamy. Social media has magnified women’s insecurities because reality is rare. With tons of photo filters, editing apps, and photo shops – insecurity and woman is believing what they see on social media. The dynamics are slowly changing with many social media influencers spreading the word about reality and showing beauty as it is. 

Bloated stomach, stretch marks, blemishes or spots on face, jiggly thigh – women on social media are not shying from showing what’s real. From women posting photos celebrating their stretch marks to normalizing tummy rolls to thigh or butt jiggles, after all, social media is not only about unrealistic beauty standards. 

Beauty Beyond What’s Visible 

Beauty is not just what you see but goes true to the classic adage – “Beauty is skin deep.” A segment of beauty products highlights physical beauty helping women to feel confident, and beautiful, and enhance their natural looks. But, it’s not enough. More and more women are using supplements that help with better and holistic well-being.

A lot of supplements are formulated with natural ingredients that help skin glow from within. Supplements in the forms of powders, tablets, or nutraceuticals are used by women to get gorgeous hair, and glowing skin, and improve gut health.

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Focusing on overall well-being

Holistic beauty is how you feel from within, what makes you happy and confident. The conventional concept of beauty is slowly fading away with women embracing their style. This goes beyond women just focusing on using beauty products and creating a wholesome routine.

From perfecting a morning routine to taking a day off to indulging in self-pampering, women are now focusing on wholesome beauty. It involves sleeping well, working out, meditation, and following a passion that revives the soul and makes one feel beautiful inside out.

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This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate beauty in all ways without confirming what is expected of us. It’s time we come together and see beauty as a holistic well-being of mind, body and soul. Define your beauty because you deserve it. 

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