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 Pucker Up With These 5 Lip Clean Products That Actually Work

As the cozy, fuzzy sweater season kicks in, our lips go chapped to cracked pretty quickly. And, in our numerous attempts to remedy them, it’s again very common to find lip products that usually dry out our lips more. So we have rounded up an edit of the best clean and organic lip products that will leave your lips healthy, nourished, supple, and ready to take on the chilly weather. Get ready to fall in love with these amazing organic products this fall. Bid goodbye to toxins and say hello to clean ingredients with these natural lip care products.


  • BareAir Repair Balm with Vitamin E, Almond Oil, and Mango Butter


    This is a cult-favorite for nourishing and moisturizing dry lips, but it is also a multi-purpose balm that you can use on your cuticles, elbows, and knees to keep them well moisturized. It is a blend of vitamin E, almond oil, and mango butter that deeply nourishes dry skin. So, now you can leave all your worries behind as you nourish those dry lips knowing you’re looking good and doing well.
  • SKOG Lip Repair Oil

    It’s a pretty well-known fact that the skin of our lips is sensitive and thinner than the rest of the body which can easily get damaged by numerous factors such as pollution, harsh weather, to name a few. The lip repair oil by SKOG is exclusively formulated using a miraculous combination of repairing oils, sea buckthorn, and healing calendula. It’s a natural blend that deeply moisturizes and enriches the lips leaving them soft and supple.


  • RAS Luxury Oils Lush Lips Conditioning Lip Scrub with Grapefruit & Orange

    Like our face and body, lips too need some pampering every now and then to keep them pink, nourished, and healthy. Exfoliate and nourish your lips with this conditioning lip scrub which is packed with the power of Vitamin C enriched grapefruit and brightening properties of sweet orange essential oil. The soft exfoliating fine sugar granules and clay work to detox the dead lip skin while the nourishing butters and oils give smooth and kissable lips. 
  • Juicy Chemistry Organic Lip Balm for Pigmented Lips with Blood Orange and Rosehip

    Give your lips some luxury with the luxurious Rosehip and soothing essential oils for velvet soft lips. This anti-oxidant rich product effectively stimulates collagen production and helps in reducing the lip wrinkles and lines, making them look plumper and fuller. Almond and Avocado as primary ingredients work in hydrating and nourishing the damaged lip skin and Carnuba wax locks in the moisture and provides relief from the dryness and chapped lips.


  • Earth Rhythm Lip Serum with Jojoba Oil & Pomegranate Flower

    This is a power-packed lip treatment that repairs damaged skin cells and promotes healthy cell turnover. It is exclusively enriched with the goodness of Jojoba oil that helps in skin cell regeneration while rejuvenating the skin deeply. The Grapeseed oil is also a rich source of anti-oxidants that undo the adverse effects of pollution and UV-induced free radical damage on the lips. This serum is a go-to for those who are looking for naturally firmer and fuller lips as the Pomegranate flower extract present in this lip potion works amazingly in hydrating and increasing the lip volume and reinforcing the hydrolipidic film, naturally.


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