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Mushrooms: The Biggest Skincare Trend of 2022

What does a mushroom say to a fast car?

“Shroom! Shroom!”

While shroom puns might not really charm you, mushrooms in skincare sure work their magic into your skin! 

Mushrooms in skincare products are no longer a passing fad. On the contrary, they have become one of the biggest skincare trends of 2022! From anti-aging creams to nutritional supplements, you name it, you got it. Mushrooms have been used in cosmetics for ages and have been employed in Eastern civilizations, but somehow never got the deserved recognition. They are now, however, on the rise and how! Mushrooms, like many of today's major health and wellness trends, have a long history in Eastern civilizations. For millennia, traditional Chinese medicine has employed mushrooms for their medicinal powers, and hence were popularly known as Medicinal Mushrooms.

What does the statistics say?

Mushrooms, formerly limited to alternative health and wellness shops, are now dominating the beauty industry with their deep restorative aspects that are starkly similar to actives in skincare. Numerous academic research projects and clinical trials have supported this, like in a 2016 study, scientists discovered that mushrooms could treat hyperpigmentation, lessen the severity of inflammatory skin illness, and slow the aging process. A 2017 study discovered that mushrooms had abnormally high levels of antioxidants that can support health and combat aging provided additional proof of the benefits of mushrooms. Researchers found in another study that was published in 2019 that beta-glucan, which is included in mushrooms, helps to repair the skin barrier, and is particularly appealing to those with sensitive skin.

Types Of Mushrooms Beneficial In Skincare

Chaga mushrooms are one of the most popular kinds utilized in the cosmetic business today, and have been shown to be three times more powerful than acai berries at fighting free radicals. They have anti-inflammatory characteristics that aid in increasing blood circulation, resulting in even skin tone and enhanced nutrient delivery to the skin. Cordyceps, which has traditionally been used to improve energy and stamina, has been shown to exhibit antioxidant properties when administered topically. It is now utilized in many skincare products to moisturize skin, stimulate collagen and elastin formation, and calm inflammatory skin disorders. Reishi mushrooms have been utilized in anti-aging skincare products since the 1980s and Kojic acid, derived from these mushrooms, have been utilized in topical skin depigmentation treatments. Whereas Shiitake mushrooms exfoliate the skin, speed up skin renewal, and increase skin suppleness.

Are Mushrooms in Skincare Sustainable?

Mushrooms are not only valuable to the beauty industry for their all natural and highly effective replacement of other stronger and toxic chemical-based skincare, but also because of how sustainable they are right to their core. On the globe, mushrooms are exceedingly benign. They are among the most sustainably farmed food in the US as they have relatively low water and energy requirements, and their growing substrate is biodegradable. Additionally, they have a modest expansion footprint. In a single acre of land, more than a million mushrooms can be produced annually, which definitely accounts for a more sustainable and safer movement towards clean beauty!

Some Clean Beauty Products Infused With Mushrooms

With all the mushroom talk, we also have a list of the best mushroom-enriched products that will blow your mind away and help you understand all the hype and power these mushrooms possess. 

1. Earth Rhythm Energizing Gel Cleanser Water Gel with Marine Collagen & Chaga Mushroom

A gentle cleanser with Marine Collagen & Chaga Mushroom ensures that it goes deep into your layers to extract dirt while providing deep hydration. It decreases skin oxidation and protects the skin from the detrimental effects of environmental factors. As a result, your skin will be detoxified, brighter, and more even in tone. You will feel your skin rejuvenated, fuelled, plumped, and elegantly revitalized.

2. Conscious Chemist Reboot Night Treatment Serum with AHA Phyto-Retinol & Reishi Mushroom

Enriched with Bakuchiol, a powerful and plant-derived substitute of retinol, it has all the benefits of retinol without the risk of allergic reactions or the need for a retinization phase. Reishi mushroom detoxifies the skin, promotes cell regeneration, and reduces wrinkles & puffiness. Reboot Night Treatment Serum is safe and ideal for all skin types and works with your skin to keep it healthy, supple, and bouncy.

3. SKOG Daily Sun Shield SPF35 PA+++ with Chaga Mushroom Extract

A non-greasy, sweat-resistant SPF 35 sunscreen, this sunblock by SKOG is a must-have! This mineral-based, toxin-free product absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves no whitecast behind.
It contains Chaga Mushrooms, which are believed to protect your skin from damaging UV rays and cure sun-damage. Chaga also includes kojic acid, which moisturizes, treats dark spots and gives you that all-natural, clear glow.    

4. The Switch Fix Magic Shrooms Shampoo Bar with Baobab

Hair care doesn't get any easier or more sustainable than this! This Magic Mushroom Shampoo Bar really works its magic deep into your scalp and hair. It combats natural pollutants and restores your hair’s hydration and shine to keep them healthy and shiny. Made with all things natural, there isn't mush room for toxins with this shampoo bar.

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