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How to do a Foot Spa at Home

You are on your feet from morning to night and doing everything you've got to do. You manage your face care routine, your body care routine, and also your diet. While all of that is necessary and appreciable, there’s one thing that’s constantly being ignored… your feet! Ask yourself and answer honestly, how many times have you actually sat down and took care of your feet? If the answer is, “I don’t remember the last time I got a pedi”, followed by an excuse that “I’m so busy to even get a pedicure”, well, here’s your cue to read this!

Undoubtedly, the skin on your feet is stronger and less delicate than the skin on your face or your body, it still needs a little attention once in a while. If not taken care of, your feet could end up cracking which is painful to the eyes and yourself. Plus, is it truly even self-care if you ignore the literal pillars of your body? To keep that spring in your feet going, and your feet shining, we have curated the perfect routine to give them the attention they deserve. 


Bliscent Peppermint Foot Soak

Soak away the tension in your feet with this truly amazing Peppermint Foot Soak. This is how you begin to end a very hectic day on your feet. And all you need is a tub of lukewarm water and a spoonful of this soak. It’ll help revive and re-energize your feet and help to make you feel rejuvenated. Enriched with Pink Himalayan Salt and Peppermint extracts, this soak will help remove dead skin and make your feet smooth & soft. 

mCaffeine Naked & Raw Dead Skin Removal Coffee Foot Scrub

A relaxing soak must be followed by an extensive scrub to exfoliate and refresh your skin. This supple yet strong Coffee Foot Scrub is the perfect partner to really clean out dead skin, rid of impurities, and dirt, and keeps your feet feeling fresh and relaxed, giving your feet a makeover. 

Soulflower Tea Tree Foot Reflexology Aroma Oil

Tea Tree Foot Reflexology Aroma Oil wakes senses and re-energizes your feet. It calms skin, provides antibacterial protection, and relaxes the mind and body with its aroma. Your itchy skin will be relieved by the antibacterial characteristics it holds. Additionally, this oil prevents fungal infections on the body, reduces body odor, and leaves skin feeling supple and radiant.                  

The Nature's Co. Volcanic Foot Therapy Stone

This foot therapy stone will help you truly scrub out the leftover dry and dead skin cells and give your sole that polished natural pink glow. You can use it daily for a quick foot cleanse or follow a thorough foot spa at home.                             

House of Beauty Paraffin Wax Socks, Lavender

A unique, effective, and simple-to-apply, deep moisture mask with a sock-like shape that completely envelops the foot. The cutting-edge revitalizing solution ensures intense and thorough regeneration as well as hydration of dry spots on heels and feet. The natural paraffin comes in hygienic packs and is ready for immediate use, you just have to warm it up and put it on. 

Mellow Crack Heal Cream with Castor Oil & Beeswax

This foot cream helps smoothen out your heels and is made softer by the presence of beeswax. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of til oil effectively cure damaged skin. This heel cream hastens the healing of heel sores. Castor oil, which is high in ricinoleic acid, helps wounds heal more quickly and naturally moisturizes heels. You can get soft, smooth heels by using a crack heel cream, and this one is what you and your feet are looking for!

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