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Hair care tips and Must-haves for oily scalp

Hair care is one important attribute of beauty as well as hygiene. Oily scalp as we all know needs more cleansing and is tough to maintain. So, here are some haircare hacks for everyone with greasy scalp!

1.Shampoo as often as you need: Sweat or natural oils are easy to deal with but one needs to be consistent. Don’t fall for ‘shampoo less’ trap because every scalp is different and has different needs but make sure you choose only chemical-free shampoo because using chemical-laden products everyday can harm your hair way more than you think. 

We recommend: Soultree Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Aloe vera and Cleansing lemon Peel

2.Tie up loosely: You can bun up your hair, put it in a loose pony tail or slick it in a braid but do not secure it tightly. Tying up loose will prevent your hair strands to get too close to the scalp. This does not put any pressure on the oil glands and is helpful in maintaining the hair health. 

3.Use a deep conditioning mask once a week: Shampooing often to get rid of the oil and dirt is fine but make sure you also condition the hair. Oily scalp does not mean it is full of moisture. Oil does not equal the nourishment and is often caused due to lack of nourishment. So, make sure you indulge in a deep-conditioning hour each week to ensure the health of your hair. 

We recommend: Mama Earth Tea tree Hair Mask

4. Use an antibacterial or anti fungal oil once a week: It is important to strengthen the hair with an anti fungal or antibacterial oil once a week to keep any kind of infections at bay. It is common for people who have oily scalp to nourish their hair with an oil to open the clogged pores and nourish the hair follicles, as clogged pores can lead to infections and stubborn dandruff. 

We recommend: Greenberry Organics Organic Neem oil 

5. Don’t brush your hair more than twice a day: Your hair may get tangled and sticky easily but don’t over brush to avoid hair fall. Over brushing the hair promotes the production of sebum, weakens the strands and roughens the cuticles. 

We hope these easy tips and effective hair care products give you non-greasy and fresh scalp. Shop them today on www.vanitywagon.in!
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