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Essentials For Your Dad

We have barely seen our fathers take thorough care of themselves, let alone their skin. They are always more worried about us than anything else. With always running around and being there for us for every moment, big or small, the understandable time crunch doesn’t really justify ignoring the needs of their aging skin. This father’s day, we have curated a special routine which speaks everything minimal and everything dad. But father's don't need a special day, right? So pamper your dad and get these essentials whose skin demands a little more.

1. Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash with Activated Charcoal & Coffee for Oil Control

This will go really well with your dad’s morning cup of chai  and has effects similar to that. This is a refreshing face wash that deep cleans impurities from within and gives a healthy, glowing look. Its soothing nature will leave your dad's skin feeling soft,clean and nourished. This is your chance to ask your dad to ditch that same old bar of soap we know they use, and get him into actually caring for his skin. 

2. Accoje Anti Aging Volume Capsule Cream

A hard pill to swallow is that our superheroes are getting old, and that makes it even more important to use the right products. Accoje Anti Aging Cream has a wrinkle-improving function and high absorption which goes deep into the skin to moisturize and keep skin hydrated and plump. Its all natural ingredients are more than safe for your skin and improves the aging texture of your skin. An all round care package, this is perfect for your dad and his aging skin. 

3. Minimalist SPF 50 Sunscreen PA++++ with Niacinamide, Vitamin B & F

“Get up, the sun is out and about”, says every dad when you plan to sleep a little extra on the weekend. To be out and about in the shining sun isn't always as healthy and safe as your dad makes it sound. The harmful rays of the sun can seriously damage your skin causing pigmentation, inflammation and even skin cancer. Minimalist Sunscreen is your knight in shining armor with SPF 50 & PA++++ Protection! Its deep protect formula is easy to apply and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. So the next time your dad says it’s time to be out and about, don’t forget to take him along and use sunscreen too.

4. Vilvah Store Beard Oil

Your dad really needs this amazing beard oil by Vilvah because those grays need some TLC too. As the cuticle of gray hair is thinner than that of natural-colored hair, it requires  protection against water, UV rays from the sun, humidity and chemicals. This beard oil, with the goodness of Vitamin E, protects, softens and nourishes the beard and promotes faster growth. Enriched with pumpkin seed oil, it also controls excessive hair shedding to keep that mane perfect looking!

5. Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Cream with Organic Flax Seed & Olive Extracts

Flaxseeds not only have benefits to the overall health, but also it can reduce hair fall. The hair products your father has been using ever since have toxic chemicals that might have the potential to make your father go bald. Introducing the all natural hair cream that justifies its name, it has Zero Chemicals and has a soft-hold styling for 15 hours, boosts hair volume, is non-greasy & non-sticky. So without worrying about how your dad will say “all these hair products have chemicals”, grab this Arata Hair Cream and prove him wrong for once!

6. Soulflower Deodorizing Charcoal Soap

Numerous dad jokes talk about their love for that one bar of soap that they have had since eternity. Well this is definitely a game changer because this bar of soap has no debating about its goodness. 100% pure, natural and vegan Soulflower Deodorizing Charcoal Soap is a handmade, hand-cut and a natural oil-based soap. Activated Charcoal removes dirt, oil, and pollutants from your skin and prevents body odor, while rich radish juice moisturizes the skin instantly. Everything about this product screams love and care, so get it right away. 

7. Fixderma Moisturising Lotion

It is as clean as it looks and has impeccable properties for one's skin. This lotion keeps the skin moist and helps maintain the health and vitality of the skin. Lotion so good, it has all things natural and goes well on any and all skin types. Your dad will love this easy to apply and ‘strong on its benefits’ body lotion, so bag it right away!

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