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December Bellebox – The Feel Good “Holiday Season Edit”

It’s December and just the right time to unapologetically take a seat back, slow down, cherish the moments, and get ready to tune into the Holiday Hymn. Don’t let the winter stop you from thriving and feeling beautiful inside out. With Christmas around the corner, it’s also time to glow like the twinkling fairy lights and melt in the spirit of the festive cheer.

 This winter, be you, raw and authentic, and indulge in some self-care with our curated December Bellebox “Holiday Season Edit”. Each product that goes into the Bellebox is handpicked for the season. Make this thoughtfully put-together bundle of clean, sustainable, and cruelty-free products yours, or gift it to someone close.  

 What’s exciting is that products worth Rs 2000+ are now available only at Rs 999 on subscribing or purchasing the Bellebox. 

Let’s unravel what’s in our December Bellebox and sprinkle some happiness, shall we?

 Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream

 Give your under eyes some rest with this clean, sustainable, and cruelty-free under-eye cream. Enriched with goji berry extracts along with calcium and zinc, it gently nourishes and reduces wrinkles. The goodness of olive butter oil and rice bran oil repairs skin. Feel the freshness with essential oil drops of lavender, rosemary, and seabuckthorn that boosts new cell formation. 

Minimalist 8% L-Ascorbic Acid Lip Treatment Balm with Vitamin E & Glycerin

Be kind to your lips this winter with Minimalist’s lip treatment balm. A powerful blend of L-Ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E scavenge out dead cells while reducing lip pigmentation and dark spots. Enriched with glycerin, it nourishes and deeply hydrates to keep away chapped lips at distance. Squeeze a small amount and apply it to the lips evenly. 

FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion

Get the goodness of oats now in this body lotion formulated with 100% natural colloidal oatmeal. Shea butter in the lotion deeply nourishes, hydrates, and moisturizes the skin. Linoleic acid has healing and anti-inflammatory properties while the sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid maintains a healthy skin barrier and binds moisture. It’s a winter essential for dry & itchy skin and reduces psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. 

Deconstruct Soothing Cleansing Balm with 0.1% Bisabolol & 1% Oats Oil 

Let’s fight the winter devils like dryness, flakiness, and chapped skin this year. The oil-based cleanser is just what you need to cleanse and remove stubborn waterproof makeup without dehydrating the skin. It’s time to moisturize and tone down inflamed skin with its formulation of 0.1% Bisabolol and 1% Avena Sativa Oil. 


 Sadhev Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Night Cream with Bakuchi, Sandalwood & Almond Oil 

Here’s a miniature gift from us to give you a rejuvenating holiday vibe. The clean concoction of natural ingredients like sandalwood, almond, and bakuchi oil is what you need to replenish your skin. Let the night cream formulated with ancient Ayurvedic essence boost hydration, promote collagen production, increase blood circulation, and give you that drool-worthy glow. Let the power of Ayurveda give your skin the love you deserve. 

 Brillare Real Neem Face Wash

Here’s your answer to fighting acne breakouts, scars, and blemishes. The goodness of anti-bacterial Neem is now available as a powdered face wash. The purifying herb is the hero ingredient and the face wash consists of 100% natural neem with no dilution. It’s made with 75% raw Neem leaf powder with 25% other natural ingredients like bergamot oil. Just the right product to fight acne, and blemishes, and purify toxins from skin pores.

Do not miss this wonderful “Holiday Season Edit” Bellebox! Subscribe to your December Bellebox and have a feel-good wintry treat.  

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